Bible & Holocaust Exploitation

BASED On Declassified Zionist Documents & Personal Diaries
Since the Palestinian-Zionist conflict is a conflict in which both sides have some justice on their side (as once put by Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Chaim Weizmann), the Zionists propagandists resorted to extreme measures to demonize the Palestinian people. In their quest to demonize the Palestinian people, the Bible & the Holocaust have been cited to achieve the following:

  • To obscure facts and to deflect the core issues of the conflict
  • To gain a world wide sympathy for the Zionist enterprise.

Chief among these propaganda (or demonizing) tactics is the cite al-Hajj Amin al-Husseini’s collaboration with the Nazis during WW II, while obscuring the fact that the Stern Terror Gang (once lead by Yitzhak Shamir) collaborated with the Nazis against the British Mandate during the same period (Israel: A History, p. 111-112). It is worth pointing out, also, that the Irgun (once led by Menachem Begin) attacked the British war machine and terrorized Palestinians while the Holocaust was in progress in Europe’s concentration camps. Such facts are often hidden and purposely suppressed in most Jewish communities around the world, and for fairness sake, they must be debated.
Briefly, the Zionist enterprise will use all possible means to achieve its goals, including the exploitation of the Holocaust to portray Palestinians as Nazis, citing the Bible to paint the “Jewish state” as a divine prophecy, and above all using Hollywood’s resources to demonize Arabs and Muslims. Ironically, the Bible was never cited nor exploited to mobilize the world Jewish community to “redeem Eretz Yisrael” during the Crusades’ genocide!
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During the tour which the Peel Commission did in Palestine in 1937, Ben-Gurion told the commission that the Bible was the Jewish people’s “Mandate.” (One Palestine Complete, p. 401)
A month after the Nazi pogrom against Germany’s Jews, famously known as Kristallnacht, Ben-Gurion provided an interesting mathematical formula for saving German Jewish kids. He stated in December 1938:

“If I knew it was possible to save all [Jewish] children of Germany by their transfer to England and only half of them by transferring them to Eretz-Yisrael, I would choose the latter—-because we are faced not only with the accounting of these [Jewish] children but also with the historical accounting of the Jewish People.” (Righteous Victims, p. 162)

And in December 1942, Ben-Gurion (who was the chairman of the Jewish Agency) also commented on the Holocaust:

“The catastrophe of European Jewry is not, in a direct manner, my business. . . . The destruction of the European Jewry is the death-knell of Zionism.” (Righteous Victims, p. 162-163)

In October 1882, Validimir Dubnow, one of the earliest Zionist pioneers in Palestine, wrote to his brother articulating the ultimate goals of the Zionists movement:

“The ultimate goal . . . is, in time, to take over the Land of Israel and to restore to the Jews the political independence they have been deprived of for these two thousand years. . . . The Jews will yet arise and, arms in hand (if need be), declare that they are the masters of their ancient homeland.” (Righteous Victims, p. 49)

In 1938, Ben-Gurion made it clear that his support for the establishment of the Jewish state in part of Palestine was only as an intermediary stage. Note how he uses the phrase “Eretz Yisrael” or “Land of Israel” in reference to the Biblical Map, he wrote:

“[I am] satisfied with part of the country, but on the basis of the assumption that after we build up a strong force following the establishment of the state–we will abolish the partition of the country and we will expand to the whole Land of Israel.” (Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p. 107, One Palestine Complete, p. 403)

On July 8, 1947, Chaim Weizmann described how the average stateless Jew felt like to UNSCOP (UN Special Committee On Palestine) as follows:

“We ask today: ‘What are the Poles? What are the French? What are the Swiss?’ When that is asked, everyone points to a country, to certain institution, to parliamentary institution, and the man in the street will know exactly what it is. He has a passport. If you ask what is a Jew is — well, he is a man who has to offer a long explanation for his existence, and any person who has to offer an explanation as to what he is, is always suspect— and from suspicion there is only one step to hatred or contempt.” (Israel: A History, p. 147) This explanation eloquently articulates how the average dispossessed, ethnically cleansed, and occupied Palestinian feels.

Similarly, he continued to explain “Why Palestine?” should be the only place where Jews should establish their political independence:

“Why not Kamchatka, Alaska, Mexico, or Texas? There are great many empty countries. Why should the Jews choose a country which has a population that does not want to receive them in a particular friendly way; a small country; a country which has been neglected and derelict for centuries? [click here for rebuttal to this myth] It seems unusual on the part of a practical and shrewd people like the Jews to sink their effort, their sweat, and blood, their substance, into the sands, rocks, and marches of Palestine. Well, I could, if I wished to be facetious, say it was not our responsibility — not the responsibility of the Jews who sit here — it was the responsibility of Moses, who acted from divine inspiration. He might have brought us to the United States, and instead of the Jordan might have had the Mississippi. It would have been an easier task. But he chose to stop here. We are an ancient people with old history, and you cannot deny your history and begin fresh.” (Israel: A History, p. 147-148) It is worth noting that Weizmann’s argument is a classic one Zionists and is used to gain international support and sympathy to Israel and the Zionist movement. Similarly, when Ben Gurion was interviewed by the British Peel Commission in 1937, he also used the Bible as a “Mandate” or a real estate deed for the “Jewish people”. (One Palestine Complete, p. 401) What baffles many Palestinians and Muslims is:

Why the Bible was not used to “redeem” the “Promised Land” during the Crusade’s Genocide between the 11th-13th century?

Briefly, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has little to do with religion, and a lot to do with Europe’s racism towards its Jewish citizens and Palestinian dispossession by the Israelis. On both sides of the conflict, God is being used to distract and confuse the conflict to achieve political gains. The conflict would have been at the same level of intensity even if both warring parties had been Jewish, Christians, or even Muslims.

In 1916 Lord Balfour (who was a Christian Zionist) declared that he was a “Zionist” during a British Cabinet meeting. In an encounter between Chaim Weizmann and Balfour:

“[Weizmann] laid out his much repeated argument — that Zionists and British interests are identical. The Zionist movement spoke, Weizmann said, with the vocabulary of modern statesmanship, but was fueled by a deep religious consciousness. Balfour, himself a modern statesman, also considered Zionism as an inherent part of his Christian faith. . . . Soon after, Balfour declared in a cabinet meeting, I am a Zionist.” (One Palestine Complete, p. 41)

In 1919 Lord Balfour, the father of the Balfour Declaration, justified the usurpation of Palestinians right of self-determination as follows:

“Zionism, be it right or wrong, good or bad, is rooted in age-old traditions, in present needs, in future hopes, of far profounder important then the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit the ancient land.” (Righteous Victims, p. 75)

The tragedy of the European Jewry eventually strengthened the Yishuv in an unexpected way. In August 1937, Ben-Gurion noted that:

“Jewish suffering is also a political factor, and whoever says that Hitler diminished our strength, is not telling the truth.” In one of history’s crueler ironies, those words proved prophetic. Millions of Jews did not storm the beaches of Palestine, for they could not rise from the ashes of the death camps. But the Holocaust–they zenith of Jewish agony– became the same “political force” of which Ben-Gurion spoke before he even imagined the systematic destruction of European Jewry. After the war, the Holocaust was a powerfully influential factor in turning world public in Zionism’s favor, and was the decisive factor in defeating the policy of the British 1939 White Paper (which called for a united bi-national Palestinian state no later than 1949 and the cessation of Jewish immigration). Guilt, sorrow, and remorse—what might be called the collective conscience of humanity–led many nations (referring to 1947 UN proposed partition plan) finally to grant survivors, that which might have saved the many victims: a “Jewish state.” (Shabtai Teveth, p. 196) These comments by Ben-Gurion and his biographer (Shabtai Teveth) are a powerful reminder to the Christian West that Palestinians have been crucified for their sins. As the Gestapo slaughtered Europe’s Jewish citizens, their fellow Christian European neighbors watched and aided the instruments of death in gassing and burning the Jews of Europe. The holocaust atrocity generated a collective sense of guilt in the Western World which has blinded them to the suffering that came upon the Palestinian people. It should be noted that the great majority of the Palestinian people, almost 10 million people, have been dispossessed and ethnically cleansed from their homes, farms and businesses. From the Palestinians points of view, the Western World has created two problems if not more:

  • The first was the destruction of most of Europe’s Jewish community, and
  • The second is aiding in the collective dispossession and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

Ironically, the so called “civilized world” have pitted two innocent people into a constant state of war for generations to come. And instead of solving one problem, they have created many!

In March 1944 the United States president, Franklin D. Roosevelt (who described himself as a Zionist to Josef Stalin in 1945), assured Jews of the full American support for the establishment of a “Jewish National Home” and emphasized his sympathy for their plight in Europe, he said:

“Full justice will be done [after the war] to those who seek a Jewish National Home, for which our Government and the American People have always had the deepest sympathy and today more than ever in view of the tragic plight of hundreds of thousands of homeless Jewish refugees.” (Righteous Victims, p. 171)

Ben-Gurion resorted to demonizing Arabs by comparing them to Nazis, which is a common tactic by Israelis and Zionists to exploit the feelings of sympathizers in the West with those who suffered in the Holocaust and the feelings of many Jewish communities. On August 8, 1947, he told the Zionist Actions Committee in Zurich:

“The aim of the Arab attacks on Zionism is not robbery, terror, or stopping the growth of the Zionist enterprise, but the total destruction of the Yishuv [Palestinian Jewish community prior to May 1948]. It is not political adversaries who will stand before us, but the pupils and teachers of Hitler, who claim there is only one way to solve the Jewish question, one way only— total annihilation.” (Simha Flapan, p. 98)

According to the Custodian of “Abandoned” properties, he philosophically used the Bible to justify the looting of Palestinian homes, farms, and businesses; he stated:

“Indeed, history repeats itself in all that concerns human nature. In our own chronicles it is stated simply and plainly without any circumlocutions: ‘But the Children of Israel committed a trespass in the accursed thing for Achan, the son of Carmi, the son of Zerah, of the tribe of Judah, took of the accursed thing’ (sacred loot) (Joshua 7:11. As you travel through the country today, through the towns and in places settled by new immigrants and demobilized soldiers as you observe the teeming life …your joy is mingled with sadness, the sadness of the shadow of Achan, who took of the accurse thing.” (1949, The First Israelis, p. 71)

Soon after Menachem Begin and the Likud party won the Israeli election in 1977, the government’s foreign policy was stated as the following:

“the Jewish people have unchallengeable, eternal, historic right to the Land of Israel [including the West Bank and Gaza Strip], the inheritance of their forefathers,” and pledged to build rural and urban exclusive Jewish colonies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.” (Iron Wall, p. 354-355) This is a typical Zionist argument where the Bible or the “Word of God” is being used to achieve political objectives.

While Menachem Begin was negotiating with Egypt on the final status of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, he presented the following reason as why Israel cannot withdraw from these areas:

“Israel will not transfer Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza District to any foreign sovereign authority, [because] of the historic right of our nation to this land, [and] the needs of our national security, which demand a capability to defend our State and the lives of our citizens.” (Iron Wall, p. 356)

Again Menachem Begin used the Holocaust as a justification for the invasion of Lebanon. On June 5, 1982 he told the Israeli Cabinet:

“The hour of decision has arrived. You know what I have done, and what all of us have done. to prevent war and bereavement. But our fate is that in the Land of Israel there is no escape from fighting in the spirit of self-sacrifice. Believe me, the alternative to fighting is Treblinka, and we have resolved that there would be no Treblinkas. This is the moment in which courageous choice has to be made. The criminal terrorists and the world must know that the Jewish people have a right to self-defense, just like any other people” (Iron Wall, p. 404-405). Almost 18 years later, the Israeli army was forced out of Lebanon after murdering more than 20,000 Lebanese & Palestinian civilians. The only difference between the old and the new Treblinka that in new Treblinka it was Lebanese and Palestinian civilians who were being murdered, no European Jews

When the American President Ronald Reagan threatened to review American-Israeli relations over the indiscriminate carpet bombing of Beirut in 1982, once again the Prime Minister of the “Jewish state” used the Holocaust to clamp down on his critics, Menachem Begin wrote president Reagan:

“Now may I tell you, dear Mr. President, how I feel these days when I turn to the creator of my soul in deep gratitude. I feel as a Prime Minister empowered to instruct a valiant army facing Berlin where amongst innocent civilians, Hitler and his henchmen hide in a bunker deep beneath the surface. My generation, dear Ron, swore on the alter of God that whoever proclaims his intent to destroy the Jewish state or the Jewish people, or both, seals his fate, so that which happened once on instruction from Berlin—with or without inverted commas— will never happen again” (Iron Wall, p. 404-405). If Palestinians felt that Israel was founded based on the destruction of, and the theft of their homes, farms, businesses, ports, banks, ..etc., would it be just to mention the memories of Sabara and Shatila to justify the the carpet bombing of Tel-Aviv?

In response to Begin’s quote, Amos Oz wrote Begin a letter published on June 21, 1982:

“But Mr. Prime Minister . . . . Hitler died 37 years ago. . . . Hitler is not hiding in Nabatiya, Sidon, or Beirut. He died and was burned.” (Righteous Victims, p. 514)

And in response to Oz’s letter, Dr. Herzl Rosenblum, the editor of Israel’s most popular daily newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, responded on July 2, 1982:

“Arafat, were he stronger, would do to us things Hitler never even dreamed of. . . . Hitler killed us in a measured restraint. . . . If Arafat were to reach power, he would not amuse himself with such small things. He will cut off our children’s head with a cry and in board daylight and will rape our women before tearing them to pieces and will throw us down from all the rooftops and will skin us as do hungry leopards in the jungle. . . without the famous order of the Germans. . . . Hitler is pussycat compared to what Arafat will bring upon us.” (Righteous Victims, p. 514-515) This self induced fear made many Israelis believe their own propaganda, and it is a common belief that “Arabs will drive the Israeli Jews Into the the sea”, click here to read our response.

The reference to the Holocaust is often used and abused by many Israeli leaders to justify aggression, invasion, and usurpation of other people’s rights. When President Reagan sent a letter to Menachem Begin condemning the attack on the Iraqi civilian nuclear reactor in June 1981, Menachem Begin responded with a letter replete with references to the Holocaust, he wrote:

“A million and half children were poisoned by the Ziklon gas during the Holocaust. Now Israel’s children were about to be poisoned by radioactivity. For two years we have lived in the shadow if the danger awaiting Israel from nuclear reactor in Iraq. This would have been a new Holocaust . It was prevented by heroism of our pilots to whom we owe so much.” (Iron Wall, p. 387)

Speaking of the fate of European Jewry to the UN Special Committee On Palestine (UNSCO) in 1947, Ben-Gurion noted that in a recent Gallup Poll taken in the American Zone of Germany, 14 percent of the Germans questioned had condemned Hitler’s massacre of the Jews, 26 percent had been “neutral”, and 60 percent had approved the killings. Ben-Gurion said:

“The Jews do not want to stay where they are. They want to regain their human dignity, their homeland, they want reunion with their kin in Palestine after having lost their dearest relations. To them the countries of their birth are a graveyard of their people. They do not wish to return there and they cannot.” (Israel: A History, p. 147). With slight modification, Ben-Gurion’s description eloquently articulates the plight of 8.2 million Palestinians in refugee camps, under occupation, and around the world.

One day after the U.N. vote to partition Palestine, Menachem Begin, the commander of the Irgun and Israel’s future Prime Minster between 1977-1983, proclaimed:

“The Partition of Palestine is illegal. It will never be recognized …. Jerusalem was and will for ever be our capital. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it. And for Ever.” (Iron Wall p. 25)

In a cable sent to the 7th brigade following the occupation of Sharm al-Sheikh in Sinai on October 29 1956, Ben-Gurion wrote:

“Yotvata, or Tiran, which until fourteen hundred years ago was part of the independent jewish state, we will revert to being part of the third kingdom of Israel.” In his speech to the Israeli Knesset on November 7, 1956 he hinted that Israel planned to annex the entire Sinai peninsula as well as the Straits of Tiran (the southeastern tip of the Sinai peninsula on the Asian side)”(Iron Wall

, p. 179).

It is not the first time, nor the last time, that an Israeli leader will use the Bible to justify war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and occupation.

Just before Jabotinsky’s death in 1940, Ze’ev Jabotinsky justified “transferring” the Palestinian people out of their homes as follows:

“The world has become accustomed to the idea of mass migrations and has become fond of them.” He later added, “Hitler— as odious as he is to us—has given this idea a good name in the world.” (One Palestine Complete, p. 407) Ironically, a Jew with Jabotinsky’s caliber used Adolf Hitler as precedent to “transfer” the Palestinian people out of their homes. It should be noted that the atrocity of forcible expulsion (“transfer”) was among the charges against Adolf Eichmann, one the architects of the Nazi Holocaust. The questions which begs to be asked is: Isn’t it anti-Semitism if a non-Jew (Golem) uses Hitler as an example to make a point?

On March 22, 1945 the Arab states, soon after a meeting for the Arab League, issued the “Alexandria Protocol” which stated:

“The rights of the Arabs [of Palestine] cannot be touched with prejudice to peace and stability in the Arab world. . . [The Arab state were] second to none in regretting the woes which have been inflicted on the Jews of Europe. . . . But the Question of these Jews should not be confused with Zionism, for there can be no greater injustice and aggression than solving the problem of European Jews by . . . inflicting injustice on the Palestinian Arabs.” (Righteous Victims, p. 172)

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