Anti-Semitism ‘exploding’ in France

Posted by: John Phoenix

The country has seen a rise in all types of racism, a report has found

Anti-Semitism ‘exploding’ in France – watchdog

‘Why Be Racist?’ is painted on the side of a school in Marseille, France. The flag of Morocco is in the upper right hand corner. ©  Getty Images/Sean_Warren

Racism, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia are on the rise in France and tolerance is declining, the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) said in an annual report published on Thursday.

According to the report, 2023 was marked by a “very sharp” 32% increase in racist acts, and a 284% “explosion” of anti-Semitic acts, as per Interior Ministry statistics.

Among the reasons for the trend, the report cites Israel’s offensive against Hamas in Gaza, polarizing debate over recent asylum and immigration legislation in France, and a number of crimes involving immigrants.

“The Israel-Palestinian conflict regularly triggers (anti-Semitic) acts, which peak in relation to the operations carried out by the Israeli army in Palestinian territories. But this level is unprecedented,” the CNCDH said.

The commission’s president, Marie Burguburu, has blamed the government for not acting fast enough to take preventive measures against racist acts.

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The report also cites a survey that found that out of 1 million people who suffered a racist attack last year, only 4% filed a complaint.

The report by the independent rapporteur comes as France prepares for the first round of voting in legislative elections on Sunday. The vote was scheduled after President Emmanuel Macron decided to dissolve the National Assembly following a defeat in the elections for the European Parliament earlier this month.

The latest polls suggest that the right-leaning National Rally party could win as much as 37% of the popular vote. The party has a Euroskeptic, anti-immigration agenda. It won 30 seats in the European Parliament earlier this month.

France also adopted a controversial bill in late January that implements a raft of measures aimed at taking a tougher line on immigration.

Some provisions make it harder for people to bring over family members and access welfare benefits. Backed by the National Rally, the bill sparked protests across the country.

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According to the UN’s latest World Migration Report, France hosts the fourth largest refugee population in Europe, behind Germany, Russia, and Poland.

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