Here he comes. Ethan Bronner: chief propagandist for the Israeli occupation army, no matter how many war crimes it perpetrates. This article is noteworthy. The New York Times, you see, covers Palestinians as victims–but only when they are victims of other Palestinians. This is a case in point.  Of all the Palestinians that are killed daily, weekly, monthly, and annually by the Israeli occupiers, the New York Times picks a Palestinian who lost a son to a Palestinian bomb or bullet.
I mean, how rare is that really. But at least this is the first time that you see Bronner feigning care and sympathy–fake to be sure and only to justify Israeli murder of Palestinians. Notice that he calls Amos Oz a “dove.” Oz is a man who brags about his military service in Israel and who has never EVER met an Israeli war or war crimes–it is the same thing really–without endorsing it at first before very later in the war changing his mind with soft criticisms that do not undermine the Israeli war crime.
I have written about the racism and verbal violence of Amos Oz before, but he represents an Israeli “dove.” An Israeli dove is not somebody who opposes Israeli war crimes, but an Israeli dove is somebody who believes that Israeli war crimes and massacres should not exceed a certain number: like no more than 100 victims per day, or something like that.
Ethan Bronner is so happy that the book was reviewed in Al-Hayat newspaper but he does not tell the reader that this is the mouthpiece of Prince Khalid Bin Sultan. He called a Saudi propaganda sheet a “pan-Arab newspaper.” Oh, yeah. He ends the article–like Bronner always does–by giving the last word to an Israeli (although the article is about a Palestinian ostensibly): “Mr. Oz added, “I am very eager for Arabs to read this to realize that Israel, just like Palestine, is a refugee camp.”” Israel is a refugee camp? Yes, Oz.
A refugee camp with a massive arsenal of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. A refugee camp that has invaded at least five countries. A refugee camp that occupies countries and commits war crimes. A refugee camp that has a per capital income similar to that of the UK. A refugee camp that in my life time has bombed Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. A refugee camp that sends it dumb Mossad killers to assassinate around the world.
A refugee camp that receives billions in foreign aid from the US. Any person who makes this statement is not only a racist but has the sensitivity and humanity of a holocaust denier. But this is the real Amos Oz.
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