Massie Taunts AIPAC After Demolishing Primary Challengers

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Massie Taunts AIPAC After Demolishing Primary Challengers

By Tyler Durden reposted from Zerohedge

Despite having been targeted by the most powerful, pro-Israel political organization operating in America, libertarian-minded Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie stomped his two Republican primary challengers on Tuesday — and then used social media to mock his Israel-first detractors.

Massie cruised to victory, amassing 76% of the vote, while his two would-be vanquishers roughly split the difference, with Michael McGinnis edging Eric Deters by about 1%. With no Democratic opponent even bothering to take on Massie in November, he’s set up for a six term representing Kentucky’s 4th congressional district, which stretches all along the northernmost part of the state.

“Tonight’s victory is a referendum on thousands of independent votes I have cast in Washington DC on behalf of Kentucky’s 4th District,” said Massie.

“I’ve consistently upheld the Constitution by voting for and sponsoring legislation to support the right to keep and bear arms, the right to free speech, freedom of religion and the right to privacy. I’ve also fought against endless foreign wars, foreign aid and inflationary policies, regardless of who is in the White House.

Earlier this month, the independent campaign-spending arm of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) announced that it was pouring $300,000 into advertisements on Fox television affiliates across the Bluegrass State. The over-the-top ads said, “Israel, the Holy Land [are] under attack by Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah…and Congressman Tom Massie.”

[Editor’s note: It is the opposite.]

Massie has repeatedly stood out as one of the very few Republicans willing to defy the wishes of the potent pro-Israel lobby. In recent months, he voted against the Antisemitism Awareness Act, which would make universities tolerating unacceptable statements about Israel targets of federal civil rights-based punishments. He also voted against the latest, $14.3 billion aid package, noting that “Israel has a lower debt-to-GDP ratio than the United States.”

After Massie’s lopsided win was apparent, AIPAC tried to downplay the outcome, saying that, rather than trying to beat oust him in the primary, the group wanted to damage him statewide — clearly in anticipation of a possible Massie 2026 Senate run to take the seat of retiring Senate Majority Leader and quintessential establishment swamp creature Mitch McConnell.

Massie said AIPAC was guilty of “election campaign malpractice.” Referring to the $400,000 total that AIPAC had spent against him recently, he told McClatchy DC, “I’m laughing because it has the same effect as lighting it on fire and burning it…What it could do is up my name ID statewide, but two years from now nobody’s going to remember what the ad was about.”

He also deftly turned AIPAC’s announcement of its attack-blitz into a fundraising opportunity. As word of AIPAC’s  campaign spread on social media and via ZeroHedge and other outlets, more than 1,200 people contributed $101,000 to his coffers in just four days.

On Tuesday evening, Massie seized on AIPAC’s defensive tweet, drawing attention to the fact that it had been “ratio’d” by the Twitterverse.




Replying to @AIPAC @RepThomasMassie and 3 others

Massie is the most America first congressman. This means you are anti America first.

“Ratio” refers to a tweet that garners more replies than likes and retweets, which almost always indicates mass ridicule has been dished out. That was definitely the case here:

“Ratio” refers to a tweet that garners more replies than likes and retweets, which almost always indicates mass ridicule has been dished out. That was definitely the case here: is owned by ABC Media, Ltd.


Thomas Massie (R-KY) speaks honestly about Israel, AIPAC, & “antisemitism”.

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