Nazi entity owns our military and Congress via NGO’s FDD & JINSA

Posted by: John Phoenix
Commentary: Israel owns our military and Congress via NGO’s FDD & JINSA

Nina Rosenwald, center, heir to the Sears Roebuck fortune, funder of right-wing “pro-Israel” and anti-Islamic organizations. “There is hardly a single major pro-Israel organization that does not provide Rosenwald with a seat on its board of directors,” including the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, AIPAC; formerly the vice president of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. (photo)

The Israeli complex of control over US Military, US Congress, US policy, US debt, US allies and enemies is in full spectrum hegemony. They drive what America does militarily, societally, within the media landscape of propaganda, censorship, and Congressional action and opinion…

by Helena Glass, reposted from, April 29, 2024

A commenter on my blog was questioning my ‘antisemitism,’ and in support of Israel sent me a link to an article from the Gatestone Institute wherein they claimed Qatar was funding US Universities. Therefore, the barbarian Muslims were Bad and Israel Good. The point was to prove to me that Muslims are interfering in our colleges which should be a violation.

The President of Gatestone, Nina Rosenwald, is Jewish and a self-described, ‘ardent Zionist’. She was on the Board of Directors for AIPAC and the Jewish Institute for National Security in America (JINSA).

And there my research did backflips.

JINSA was founded in 1976, 3 years after the Yom Kippur War in Israel. Its original stated purpose was to make sure that America could produce adequate military supplies for Israel. In the 1980’s JINSA widened its focus to “general U.S. defense and foreign policy, with missions and meetings with national leaders and officials in: Ethiopia, Belgium, South Korea, India, Bulgaria, Italy, China, Hungary, UK, Germany, Costa Rica, Spain, Eritrea, Jordan, and Ukbekistan.

Known for its very Hawkish military views, the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) works directly with US military officers and the Department of State – aka Blinken. Facilitating the media propaganda, JINSA writes the op-eds and ads to promote Zion ideologies. In 2002, JINSA created the Law Enforcement Exchange Program (LEEP), wherein US police and Sheriffs are taken to Israel to teach them ‘techniques for countering domestic terrorism in the US’. As in the IDF style tactics, training, and strategies are then utilized by US police and security in tactical defense, interrogation and abuse.

Each fall, a member of congress is given the LEEP Award which has a fair number of neoconservatives, including; Cheney, McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Robert Gates – Secretary of Defense 2007 – among others.

In other words, JINSA is running the US military and Congress. JINSA works alongside the NGO, Foundation For Defense of Democracies (FDD). FDD is an Israeli lobby group working in the US to direct the US government’s Affairs. Funding sources have included; Bernard Marcus, Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, The United Arab Emirates, Roland Arnall, and William Rosenwald Family Fund (Gatestone Institute Nina’s Daddy) – among others.

In 2023, FDD, along with other US-based think tanks, was alleged of running a defamation campaign against the regional rivals of the UAE and creating false terrorists, including Iran, Qatar and Turkey. The organization has been criticized for spreading Islamophobia rhetoric. They tell Netanyahu what to do. They initiate Middle East wars and use US weapons to do their bidding in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, and now Russia.

FDD convinced Mike Johnson to pass the Ukraine funding bill ~ according to their website. I withdraw my apology.

In the latest transcript issued by FDD on April 22 – Ukraine and Russia were the topic. Rear Admiral Retired, Mark Montgomery: “I’d also like to point out that in the Ukraine provision there is a nice little nugget, in addition to the $3 billion-plus in Foreign Military Financing for Ukraine, there’s $1.6 billion for Eastern European countries, and this acknowledges that Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania particularly have jacked up their spending well above 2%, each of them closing in or exceeding 3%, recognizing the Russian threat right there.”

Translation: American Taxpayers funded Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania’s military budgets for NATO via the Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan Funding Supplement.

While discussing the Israel War, Saudi Arabia is considered a potential ally to the West to counter Iran and Palestine. Having watched the US, UK, France, Israel and Jordan’s combined efforts to take out Iran’s 300 missiles/drones, the thought is that Bin Salman was so impressed he would like to gain access to that weaponry, an alliance, and gain the iron dome system which can repel incoming attacks ~ per FDD.

While Qatar was once an ally of the US and Israeli governments, most recently the FDD has proposed clipping ‘Qatar’s media wing’, al Jazeera, because they are peddling propaganda and interfering with the Israeli/US agenda. As such, the FDD anticipates wholly censoring the outlet. As in banned. Like Tik Tok. Like any media that doesn’t tow the line of Feed. In an act of monumental hypocrisy, the Department of Justice is trying to force al Jazeera to register as a foreign agent – something the Zionist AIPAC or any other lobbying group, media organization or NGO run by Israel – has failed to do.

The US Arsenal For Democracy. A phrase coined by FDR wherein military funding was bumped from $24 million to $700 million an increase of 2916% over night wherein peaceful manufacturing was suddenly converted into the Military Industrial Complex. And has bludgeoned into a trillion+ – and incited nearly every war to justify the spending.

The FDD transcript details that the current funding for Ukraine was definitely Mike Johnson – they have no intention of letting Ukraine lose and have already set up the ammunition and weaponry that will defeat Russia after Russia depletes its weaponry in 2024 via an offensive campaign. Ukraine to play the Tortoise. Anticipating a ‘long war’ discussions included using Mike Johnson in 2025 to push thru another package while encouraging more ‘stiff republicans’ to travel to Kyiv so as to experience Kyiv’s generosity and sway their vote to HAWK. Trump is mentioned as an outlier who has little effect or control. Defending Israel against its five neighbors and defending Taiwan against Xi Jinping are considered doable concurrently if necessary. The hope is that Jinping will be pushed into a corner whereby Taiwan in exchange for not helping Russia is a critical stipulation/blackmail.

Blinken just returned from his China visit an embarrassment of attempted blackmail. Either drop Russia or we will tell the world we have proof of election interference. It appears Xi kicked out Blinken.

There is already an apportioned amount in the 2025 US Funding bill for Ukraine with the ability to add more via supplemental funding bills approved by – Mike Johnson. In addition, there are other resources that are siphoned from different departments:

Mark Montgomery: “So I think you could see some US AI money and even some of the State Department I&L money. That’s the International Narcotics Bureau over at State, which does the border patrol support to Ukraine.” US border patrol is in Ukraine.

Full Circle.

The Israeli complex of Control over US Military, US Congress, US policy, US debt, US allies and enemies is in full spectrum hegemony. Has been for decades – at least. They drive what America does militarily, societally, within the media landscape of propaganda, censorship, and Congressional action and opinion – Governed by – the Israeli COMPLEX. And this information is available should any person stumble upon its source – as did I. Via a relatively innocent commenter referring me to the Gatestone Institute…

Reprinted from Helena-The Nationalist Voice. Helena Glass bio here.



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