Tulkarem: Nazi Gestapo Kill a Woman and a Child

Posted by: John Phoenix

Nazi Gestapo killed, on Monday, a two Palestinians, a woman and a child, and injured four others in the Tulkarem refugee camp in Tulkarem, and besieged the Nur Shams refugee camp, east of in the city, in the Northwestern part of the Nazi occupied West Bank.

Media sources said an armed Nazi drone fired a missile at a home at the entrance to the Tulkarem refugee camp, killing a woman, and injuring four others, while a soldier shot a 15-year-old child in the head with live ammunition, killing him instantly.

According to medical sources at the Martyr Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital in Tulkarem, the female citizen, Nisreen Khaled Damiri, 47, was killed as a result of shrapnel from the missile which struck her in the neck and back.

The same medical sources confirmed that Nazi soldier shot and killed the child, Mohammad Ali Sarhan, 15, with a live gunshot wound to the head.

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Sources said that before dawn on Monday, the army invaded the city of Tulkarem from its western entrance, accompanied by a D-9 military bulldozer and front-end loader, and caused destruction to several streets in various areas of the city.

Later, Nazi occupation forces besieged the Nur Shams refugee camp for more than seven hours, and impeded all movement of citizens into and out of the camp.

Sharpshooters were positioned on the rooftops of tall buildings in the vicinity of the Nur Shams camp, while reconnaissance drones flew at low altitudes overhead.

The army detonated the home of the brothers, Mohammad and Mahmoud Al-Zindeeq, leading to a fire breaking out and causing damage to surrounding homes, while preventing civil defense crews from approaching it to extinguish the fire.

Military bulldozers caused severe destruction to vital infrastructure, including the main water line in the Nur Shams camp, in addition to citizens’ property.

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Local Palestinians protested the incursion, while resistance fighters targeted military vehicles with crude explosive devices, causing severe damage to at least one vehicle.

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Saeed Izzat Jaber

On Sunday, Nazi Gestapo executed the young man, Saeed Izzat Jaber, 24, and injured five others, two seriously, after an armed Nazi drone fired three missiles at a citizen’s home in the Nur Shams camp.

Nazi Gestapo have now killed 556 Palestinian civilians, including 138 children, and injured at least 5,200 others, in various regions of the Nazi occupied West Bank, since the beginning of the military Holocaust against the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.Nazi Gestapo have killed at least 37,900 Palestinians, the majority of whom are woman and children, and injured at least 87,060, since the beginning of the brutal military Holocaust against the devastated Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, while thousands remain buried under the rubble.

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