“It’s a shame that either Hitler or the Angel of Death, missed your family’s house. Or Neturei Karta’s.”
Normally I don’t put anti-Semitic, holocaust denial or overt Zionist racist comments on my blog. However I’m going to make an exception today. Well I’m not going to post them but I’m going to place them together in the same article rather than as posts to older articles.
The first is by a charming fellow by the name of ‘Mossad’ – quite fitting in the circumstances. Our fascist Zionist, because there is little doubt that he is such, starts off with the usual accusations of being a traitor (don’t know where he got the bastard bit) as well as being a ‘leftist liberal Jew’.
One of Hitler’s pet hates except be believed all Jews were such. Actually I’m not a liberal leftist but a Marxist! And, unusual but not unknown even for Zionist lunatics, he ends up wishing that Hitler (or the Angel of Death (grip reaper!)) had managed to kill a few more people, viz. my family. But it is becoming more common and there was an example a few weeks ago in Jerusalem of settlers saying to Jewish demonstrators protesting against ethnic cleansing, that Hitler was right.
And of course, this is understandable. As the Defence Lawyer, in the trial of the 2 Revisionists in Palestine who were accused of the murder of Haim Arlossoroff in 1933 stated – but for Hitler’s anti-Semitism we could have become the most ardent supporters of German fascism!
But there is nothing new in this. The phenomenon of ‘cruel Zionism’ is as old as Zionism. Zionism starts off from anti-Semitism, which it classifies as something you cannot fight because it is inherent in the Gentile. Then it finds that people do fight it successfully.
So the Zionist movement either simulates anti-Semitism by, as in Iraq in the early 1950’s, actually getting their own agents to plant bombs or by expressing the desire that if only anti-Semitism were a bit more virulent then those ungrateful Jews would come to their own state.
But as Theodore Herzl noted in his Diaries ‘anti-Semitism too probably contains the Divine will to Good, because it forces us to close ranks, unites us through pressure, and through our unity will make us free.’ [Complete Diaries, p.231, ed. Ralph Patai). In the 1950’s a columnist in the Histadrut paper, Davar, wrote that:
“I shall not be ashamed to confess that if I had the power, AS I HAVE: THE WILL, I would select a score of efficient young men… and 1 would send them to the countries where Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction (!). The task of these young men would be to disguise themselves as non-Jewish and plague Jews with anti-Semitic slogans such as ‘Bloody Jews’, Jews go to Palestine’ and similar intimacies.
I can vouch that the results, in terms of a considerable immigration to Israel would be ten thousand times larger than the results brought by thousands of emissaries, who have been preaching for decades to deaf ears.” A Lillienthall, ‘The Other Side of the Coin’ New York, p. 84 cited in Hirst p. 160.
The second comment is from one of the cruder holocaust deniers. Probably someone with whom ‘Mossad’ could have allied with, if only he had got over his obsession over the holocaust.
Bear this in mind next time you hear a Zionist accuse an anti-Zionist or supporter of the Palestinians of anti-Semitism.
I wonder whether Mark Gardener of the Zionist Community Security Trust will be logging this as an anti-semitic incident!
I’ve kept both comments on the log page as well as taking a screen shot, just in case someone doubts that there are Zionists who are quite capable of summoning the Nazis in their defence.
Tony Greenstein
Greenstein, you traitorous bastard, you leftist liberal Jew.
What do you leftist Jews think you are proving by being anti-Zionist?
You think you are a intellectual or something by choosing, supposedly, to “not follow the herd”?
You think these Jew-hating Muslims and other anti-Israel Jew-haters are your friends? When the time comes, they will wipe you out as well.
You don’t want Zionism? So go back to live under Europe’s boot. Go back to live in your little shtettls and ghettoes with the Jew-hater’s hob-nailed boot over your head. Let us Jews who want to fight for themselves be. You cowardly traitor.
“Europe’s Jews were primarily anti-Zionist”??? Where’d you get this? But I agree with the other poster.I usually don’t ever make references to the Holocaust in this type of ugly manner, or curse fellow Jews, but for you it’s an exception.
It’s a shame that either Hitler or the Angel of Death, missed your family’s house. Or Neturei Karta’s.
Don’t even call yourself a Jew,traitor.
Publish Reject
It is time to face the truth about the holohoax. The Nazis did not try to exterminate the Jews. The gas chambers are a hoax. The six million dead is phantasmagoria. Now, there is a web site that presents the salient facts about the hoax at xxx
Check it out with an open, skeptical mind. Here’s a summary for those afraid to click on the site …
I’ll check back to explore any questions …
The fundamentals of the holohoax are explained and documented at Here’s a brief summary –
1. The Zionists claimed that there was holocaust of six million Jewish victims during World War ONE. Documented by articles from the NYT.
2. The ‘gas chambers’ are a preposterous hoax, the only two in existence have plate glass windows. Photos included.
3. The pictures of Belsen victims, shown as evidence of the holohoax, died of typhus, other pictures taken at the same
time, which you’ve never seen, show healthy prisoners and happy children, documented by pictures.
4. Nazi death books at Auschwtiz show that more Roman Catholics died there than Jews, these books are now available to the public. Link provided.
5. The holohoax is based on the lies of the ‘survivors’, the three best known, E. Wiesel, O. Frank, and P. Levi, were in the hospital in Auschwitz when the Russians approached. Examples given.
6. No defendant at Nuremberg admitted to any part in the killing of Jews. Only one was charged with direct involvement, and he testified that he learned of the hoax on allied radio. Testimony given.
7. Billy Wilder, famous Hollywood director, made a movie in Buchenwald within a week of its capture, full of degenerate
lies like shrunken heads, lampshades made of skin, and soap made from human fat. Documented by photo. The Zionist press keeps these lies alive.
8. The Zionists are teaching the holohoax to students in many states starting in kindergarten. Links given.
For this and much more, with links, visit
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