‘Israel’ lost my sympathy – EU state’s president
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‘Israel’ lost my sympathy – EU state’s president

Croatia’s Zoran Milanovic says the bombing of civilians in Gaza has gone beyond self-defense Croatian president Zoran Milanovic ©  Stipe Majic / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Having the Croatian Foreign Ministry fly an Israeli flag was “idiotic” and inappropriate, President Zoran Milanovic said on Friday, adding that the atrocities by Hamas do not give Israel the right to bomb civilians for revenge. “I think it was an idiotic move, for all my sympathies for Israel – which they unfortunately wasted after 15 minutes – after the horrors and massacres by Hamas,” Milanovic told reporters who asked him about the flag incident. “I condemned the killings [by Hamas], and expressed my horror and revulsion, but the right to self-defense does not include vengeance and...
21 Years Ago, NATO’s War on Yugoslavia: Kosovo “Freedom Fighters” Financed by Organized Crime
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21 Years Ago, NATO’s War on Yugoslavia: Kosovo “Freedom Fighters” Financed by Organized Crime

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Twenty-one years ago, June 10 1999, marks the end of NATO’s  aerial bombardment of Yugoslavia (March 24, 1999- June 10, 1999). The bombings which lasted for almost three months, were followed by the military invasion (under a bogus UN mandate) and illegal occupation of  the province of Kosovo. 21 years later on April 24, 2020, the leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Hashim Thaci who subsequently became “Prime Minister” and “President” of Kosovo was indicted for crimes against humanity. The Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor’s Office At The Hague filed an indictment against Hashim Thaci on April 24, 2020 ” for a range of crimes against humanity and war crimes, including murder, enforced disappearan...

Nationalism tops agenda for Croatia presidential hopefuls

Election campaign ignored key issues, saw candidates courting votes from right wing and far right, says IFIMES. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic and Zoran Milanovic will battle to run the country in Sunday's presidential election runoff [Reuters] Croatia is in a social crisis and, with no substantial difference between two candidates currently vying for the presidency, there is little reason for optimism, according to the International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES).  On Sunday, Croatia's conservative incumbent President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and Zoran Milanovic, a former prime minister, will face off in the second and final round of the presidential election. Croatia is mired by organised crime and corruption, p...
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Balkan ‘Genocides’ Are Not to be Questioned

By Stephen Karganovic Genocide accusations are, it would seem, the latest fashion spreading out of the Balkans. On December 5, a former minister in the “government” of NATO occupied and administered Kosovo, Ivan Todosijević, who happens to be an otherwise occupation friendly and cooperative ethnic Serb, was sentenced to a two-year prison term. The court found him guilty of making what it considered the outrageous claim that the so-called genocidal “Račak massacre,” which in 1999 triggered NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, was an imposture. Since the trial began just two days before, by Balkan standards the swiftly reached verdict was remarkably expeditious, suggesting the importance which the NATO imposed and sustained authorities, as well as their foreign backers, attach to the du...
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NATO’s Continuing Enlargement Aims at Further Weakening of Russian Influence in the Balkans

By Paul Antonopoulos Global Research, Of the 29 NATO member states, 22 have already ratified the accession protocol of North Macedonia into the anti-Russian alliance. The ratification process will likely be completed before the end of NATO’s summit taking place in London this week, which will make North Macedonia the newest country in military alliance. This now appears even more likely since U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave his endorsement, saying on Twitter: “Pleased to announce the United States deposited its ratification of North Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol. One step closer to welcoming North Macedonia as NATO’s 30th Ally!” This will make North Macedonia the fourth country out of the six successor states of Yugoslav...
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The Baltic states are horrified of losing the Russian transit

by Ruslan Ostashko The Balts with their typical sluggish thinking have started figuring out the consequences of losing the Russian transit. The horror of the realization forced the head of Latvia’s State Railway Administration to announce that the situation is close to critical. https://youtu.be/-4cWb4PXX7A In September, when I posted a video on the Russian policy of removal of the last transit from the Tribaltic Desolates, the independent russophobes were still putting up a brave front. Only a short time has passed, and the sprat democracies started screeching in horror about what was going on and what will the consequences be for lovers of “eurointegration”. “The volumes of cargo are low enough already and decreased by 12.5% during nine months in comparison to last year...
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'People Here Will Start Dying': Dire Warnings as Stranded Refugees Freeze in Hellish Conditions Near Bosnia-Croatia Border

The conditions of the refugee camp are being decried as "not for human beings" as officials demanded immediate relief for those languishing there. by: Jon Queally, Migrants queue to receive aid distributed by Turkish Red Crescent at the camp 'Vucjak' near Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 21, 2019. More than 700 irregular migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries continue their lives in makeshift tents, located 15 kilometers from the Croatian border. Turkish Red Crescent distributed sweaters, blankets, sleeping-bags, toothpastes and towels. (Photo: Kayhan Gul/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Human rights defenders and aid organizations are issuing dire warnings this week after witnessing the hellish conditions of an encampment of stranded refugees in the ...
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Serbia Made Itself Jew-Free, Croatia Did Not!

Antisemitic postage stamps in Serbia 1941-1945 Simone Weil (French philosopher and political activist) said in her book The Need for Roots: prelude towards a declaration of duties towards mankind (Routledge and Paul, 1952) that truth is “a need of the soul”. She went on to say: “The need for truth is a need more sacred than any other need. Yet it is never mentioned. One feels afraid to read once one has realised the quantity and monstrousness of the material falsehoods paraded in even the books of the most reputable authors. Thereafter one reads as though one were drinking from a contaminated well.” The days Weil lived in are those we live in and have lived for decades, where politics get in the way of the truth, of facts and the duties to humanity often take a back se...
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‘NATO bombing of Yugoslavia paved way for 1 million civilian casualties worldwide’

RT Carried out under a false pretext and in disregard of the UN, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 paved the way for similar US-led operations in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere and over a million were killed, an analyst has told RT. NATO’s attack 20 years ago, which was launched “without declaring war and without any permission from the UN Security Council, was a transformative act which has changed the world ever since,” Marko Gasic, commenter on international affairs, said. “This formula… that you don’t need UN Security Council authorization was then implemented at the expense of Iraq and Libya and elsewhere. So far, the decision to bomb Yugoslavia has led to over a million casualties worldwide; and rising.” Back in 1999, the US and its allies launched airstrikes in what was...
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The Extent of NATO's Destruction in Yugoslavia

NOVANEWS 16 years ago the "collective defense organisation" launched an illegal war against Yugoslavia 16 years ago, without a UN Security Resolution, NATO started an illegal attack on Yugoslavia. Today commemorative ceremonies will take place all over the country. Tanjug presents the figures that show the massive destruction of the country and loss of life. Mission accomplished: Country destroyed, people killed On the 24th of March in 1999, without a Security Council Resolution, NATO started the military attack on Yugoslavia [Serbia and Montenegro]. Yugoslavia, allegedly responsible for the 'humanitarian catastrophy’ in Kosovo and Metohija, was attacked after the so-called Rambouillet negotiations about the future status of Kosovo failed. The Rambouillet agreement foresaw the deploy...