Malaysian Authorities Arrest Nazi Mossad Agents, Free Kidnapped Palestinian in Kuala Lumpur
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Malaysian Authorities Arrest Nazi Mossad Agents, Free Kidnapped Palestinian in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. (Photo: LegendaryLim via Wikimedia Commons) The Malaysian authorities have reportedly liberated a Palestinian activist from Gaza who has been kidnapped and interrogated by Nazi Mossad agents in Kuala Lumpur, Al Jazeera Arabic reported on Monday. The pan-Arab news network cited Malaysian sources saying that the activist was kidnapped by Malaysian nationals who have been recruited and trained by the Nazi Gestapo intelligence agency, Mossad, in Europe.  It is also reported that the activist, who is accused by the Nazi regime of having links with the armed wing of Hamas,  Izzedin Al-Qassam Brigades, was interrogated by Nazi Gestapo Mossad officers via video in Tel Aviv.  Al Jazeera reported that the kidnapping took place last September and that ...
Malaysian Authorities Deny Visas to ‘Israeli’ Squash Players
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Malaysian Authorities Deny Visas to ‘Israeli’ Squash Players

Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob. (Photo: via Wikipedia) Malaysian authorities decided to prevent 'Israeli' squash players from entering the country to take part in a major tournament next month, Israeli media revealed on Wednesday. “It is the latest instance of the Muslim-majority Southeast Asian nation, which has no diplomatic relations with 'Israel', attempting to bar its athletes from the country,” Times of Israel reported. TRT World@trtworld Malaysia bans entry of 'Israeli' squash team, denying them participation in the World Team Championship for men in Kuala Lumpur The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, praised the Malaysian authorities for their decision. “Malaysia’s permanent stance of opposing normalization with Israel, supporting ...
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Malaysia rejects Nazi annexation plan

Malaysia’s head of state Al-Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah has confirmed his rejection of the Nazi planned annexation of Palestinian land, and called on all Malaysians to pray for the Palestinians who are being oppressed by the Nazi regime. In a statement Tuesday, the Royal Household said that Al-Sultan Abdullah expressed his deep concern for the Palestinian cause. He also confirmed his support for Malaysia’s efforts to continue working with Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries and the international community who are against the Nazi plan to annex Palestinian land. “His Majesty believes that the freedom of the Palestinians can be realized if they are given continuous support to establish an independent state in the territories occupied by Israel since 1967, inc...

Muslim leaders gather in Malaysia for summit shunned by Saudi Arabia

Riyadh says issues concerning world's 1.75bn Muslims should be discussed through Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Defending the summit, Mahathir's office issued a statement saying there was no intention to create a 'new bloc' (AFP)By MEE and agenciesPublished date: 18 December 2019 08:41 UTC | Last update: 2 weeks ago7.2kShares Leaders and senior representatives from some 20 Muslim nations gathered in the Malaysian capital on Wednesday to discuss issues agitating Muslims globally at a summit Saudi Arabia decided to snub, and which Pakistan ducked out of attending. No agenda for the Kuala Lumpur Summit has been released, but it could address disputes in Kashmir and the Middle East, the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, the plight of Myanmar's Rohi...
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Malaysia to Open Embassy to Palestine

By Middle East Monitor Global Research, Malaysian prime minister, Mahathir Mohammad, announced on Friday that his country is to open an accredited embassy to Palestine, Anadolu News Agency reported. “We know that Israel will not allow Malaysia to open an embassy in the Occupied Territory. As such, we will open the embassy in Jordan,” Mohammad announced. Mohammad revealed that the embassy would be accredited to Palestine, and it would more freely facilitate the extension of aid to Palestinians. Addressing the 18th summit of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Azerbaijan, Mohammad criticised the silence of the international community for “doing nothing” against Israeli actions. Leaders and representatives of at least 120 member countries of the NAM are meeting in Ba...

New MH17 Documentary Proves Beyond a Doubt that a Cover-Up Took Place

By Andrew Korybko Global Research The newly released documentary directed by Yana Yerlashova and independent Dutch investigator Max van der Werff proves beyond a doubt that Ukraine and its Western partners did all that they could to cover up the true cause of MH17’s tragic downing half a decade ago, introducing new evidence and testimonies that cast serious doubt on the “official” narrative of what really took place on that dreadful day.  *** The entire world is already aware of the two competing theories about MH17’s downing half a decade ago, with the West insisting that a supposedly Russian-supplied BUK surface-to-air missile accidentally destroyed the passenger aircraft while Moscow has always maintained its innocence and claimed that it’s bein...
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Malaysia's PM Slams Australia, Says 'No Rights' to Recognize Jerusalem as Zionist Capital

NOVANEWS Malaysia's PM Slams Australia, Says 'No Rights' to Recognize Jerusalem as 'Israeli' Capital Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison reversed decades of Middle East policy by the country but said there are no immediate plans to move the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv. Reuters  Supporters of move the Australian embassy to Jerusalem.Olivier Fitoussi. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Sunday criticized Australia's move to recognise West Jerusalem as Israel's capital, saying countries had "no rights" to do so. Australia's move follows U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in May, which infuriated Palestinians and the wider Islamic world and upset Western allies. "Jerusalem should remain as it is now and no...