Alex Krainer on the emerging world disruption of the old world order

Posted by: John Phoenix
Alex discusses many topics from BRICS to Global Britain’s decline and US waning hegemony.


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My wide-ranging conversation with Alex Krainer author of ‘The Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax’. Alex talks expertly about ‘Global Britain’, the Better Way Conference held early June in the UK, BRICS and the emergence of a better world order that values the sovereignty of nations.

For those that prefer Podcast, the link is here.

Billy Field

Brilliant interview. Optimistic? not yet….they never run out of tricks & the public are still mind controlled by “education” & “The narrative” & other. The internet is or has been the greatest revolution ever, we can now hear views/facts from extremely knowledgeable & expert folks all over the world instantly.

This can also expose Official & Corporate lies, fraud, misinformation etc forcing wrongdoers to change their tactics. But they always do,…they just sweep one massively profitable war failure/racket under the rug & start another war/scam/distraction. They know internet exposing rackets is a death blow to them so now increasingly in recent years they are greatly ramping up internet censorship using armies of massively funded Govt & corporate”misinformation police”. Currently in USA they are trying to introduce fines (up to $1 Mil) & Gaol (up to 20yrs) for folks communicating “misinformation” or “Harmful” info. In my view most people in the west are still constantly hoodwinked by media lies & “comfortable” so the ancient trick of “Bread & Circuses” still works like a charm. Other tools they constantly use are fear, distraction and division. Yes Alex, they are still extremely dangerous & more & more vulnerable….AND they could still push us into a hot war with Russia ….& where that will lead too….& you can bet the house, if that would cause the deaths of 4 Billion people they would not care in the slightest. Or anymore than they did for the pos 2 Mill deaths caused in Iraq & ….. It’s a battle for hearts & minds, VB & Alex you are doing great, great work, thankyou! …We all need to try & keep spreading knowledge & discussion as much as pos …word of mouth & sharing info is great (& they hate it!), just do it & keep doing it everybody, it works!

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