Boy age 13 years old, came from family consisted of 8 brothers and 5 sisters. He lost two brothers, one was killed by Zio-Nazi army and other died at age of 18 of cancer brain. His father is employee and mother finished secondary school and is housewife. This boy was admitted on 14th June to EL Shifa Hospital- Gaza City after suspicion of appendicitis. Doctors decided to operate him in the same day. On his way to operation room, he witnessed a number injured people coming to the hospital due to factional fighting and he said that he say a man with much blood in his body and tubes all over his body.

The boy said “When they moved me to trolley to take me to the operation theater, I was so afraid and much pain was in my Tommy.. I saw a man laying on a bed and blood was covering his clothes.. many tubes were coming from his body.. they admitted me to the operation room and two doctors came and they injected me with something and I lost my conscious.. later on, I found me self in my room in the hospital.. I stayed few days and heavy fighting between the factions (Fatah and Hamas) was going on outside the hospital. sounds of bombing and bullets were so loud.. I was frightened so much.

I was discharged from hospital to my home. Few days later, I had severe chest pain, chocking attacks, shorting of breathing, I am not happy and feel not happy, I weep sometimes, with sleep problems, I try to remove the memories from my mind, but I can not.. I had nightmares, I can not concentrate in my reading and distracted easily.. I stopped seeing me friends because I can not find the words to talk to them.. I have fears of going outside the home.. My mother took me to a doctor and he give me medication, I took it for one day and then I had tremors and I stopped this medication.

Past History: No Past history of mental illness Family history: No family history of mental illness Mental State examination: raveled bizarre behaviour, fears, in able to test reality. Diagnosis : PTSD Treatment: Individual psychotherapy Drug therapy Prozac 20 md bd Melleril 25 bd He came 4 times with improvement




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