by James Buchanan
An ex-president of Italy, Francesco Cossiga. has told the respected Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that “the disastrous (911) attack was planned and realized by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and to persuade the Western powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan.”
This is truly outstanding news! This statement supports the suspicions of the 911 truth movement, which rejected the “official” 911 explanation from the government long ago. Most people –once they study the facts and details of the World Trade Center collapse– immediately become suspicious about the government account. Why did the World Trade Center 7 building collapse –even though it had NOT been hit by an airplane? How did a film crew of MOSSAD agents know in advance that the WTC buildings would be attacked?
Why were there Israeli art students/spies in the same towns as the 911 hijackers? Why did our government set free these Israelis who obviously KNEW something important about 911 while we later filled up Guantanamo with Afghani goat herders, who knew as much about 911 as their goats?
The WTC towers survived the initial impact of the airliners that hit them. Most of the fuel burnt up in a huge fireball outside the buildings. After ten minutes all of the jet fuel should have burnt up according to fire experts. The remaining fire was nothing more than a paper and wood fire. The steel support structure of the World Trade Center would have been coated with a cement-like material that would provide hours of high-temperature fire protection.
Despite this, we are told that the fire was so intense that the steel in the building lost most of its strength and the building started to collapse. Steel does not melt until it reaches 3,000 degrees F. Steel does not begin to lose significant strength until it gets above 1,000 degrees F. The insulating material on the steel should have kept it well below this temperature for hours. Every civil engineer and architect KNOWS this information and there’s even a website where professionals voice their suspicions about the WTC collapse.
There were firemen at the 78th floor just before the collapse. One of them radioed down that the remaining fire could be put out with two fire hoses in a short amount of time. Most likely some sinister rogue elements in the MOSSAD and/or our government were monitoring the fire department radio channel, and someone pressed the button for a controlled demolition of the first tower to collapse.
(It would be a little bit hard to explain how the building could collapse if the fire department put out the fire so the building was destroyed right then killing a large number of firefighters and police who were trying to rescue people.) A short time later the other tower was brought down also by a controlled demolition, and then the WTC 7 building was similarly destroyed.
A steel-reinforced skyscraper has never collapsed due to a fire. Even a bomber colliding with the Empire State Building during World War Two did not cause a collapse. There have been buildings that collapsed due to earthquakes, but these buildings collapsed non-symmetrically. The World Trade Center buildings (1,2 and 7) all collapsed into their own footprints like a perfect controlled demolition with only some minor scratches and a few broken windows in neighboring buildings.
One website skeptical of the official 911 story announces “Welcome to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth! (We have) 230 architectural and engineering professionals and 582 other supporters including A/E students (who) have joined us in demanding of Congress a truly independent investigation.” There are dozens of suspicious circumstances surrounding the 911 event.
The more high-ranking political officials around the world who confirm that 911 was an “inside job” the better. Most people have suspicions about 911 and have heard some of the alternate theories about it.
Even the circumstances surrounding 911 are suspicious. How could the thoroughly incompetent George Bush regime stop terrorism from 2001 until the end of his second term if some outside force wanted to set off bombs in the US? Does anyone seriously believe that if al Qaeda were real that it would not have been able to sneak a terrorist across the Mexican border or fly one here on a student visa from Saudi Arabia and then set off a bomb in a mall?
Israel was caught setting up a phony al Qaeda cell in Palestine in 2001. Their MOSSAD could easily have recruited the 911 hijackers in Egypt and Saudi Arabia in similar phony al Qaeda cells.
The only way the highly inept Bush could have stopped terrorist would be if Bush (or Israel) were responsible for the terrorism in the first place.

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