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Interview with Kevin MacDonald, Part 2
On Tuesday, April 6, 2010, at 9 PM Eastern US time, Tom will interview Dr. Kevin MacDonald in the second of a two part discussion.
Topics for this portion will include:
· “Hate speech” in the US, the fear of the stigma of racism, and the imagery of Whites in the media
· Political polarization along racial lines in the US
· The Zionist reaction to racial changes in Southern California
· Joe Biden’s trip to Zionist regime and the low-point in US/Zionist relations
· How the Republicans will try to capitalize on the Biden trip and the strained relations among the Zionist regime and the Obama administration
· The possible change in the Israeli lobby power in the US, partly as a result of the book by Mearsheimer and Walt
· The notion of the US going to war with Iran and the power of AIPAC
Please visit the online magazine, The Occidental Observer, to read Dr. MacDonald’s articles and other insightful articles from contributing authors who combine reason with passion to illuminate and define matters in our society which are ignored or distorted by the mainstream outlets for news and information.
Also, be sure to visit the site of the American Third Position, a new political society created for the establishment of communal relations among whites and the furthering of political progress for people of European descent.
Dr. MacDonald can be contacted at
Listening and download instructions:
This interview will air on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network. To tune in to the live feed for this and all VoR programming, click here to use Windows Media Player or here for Winamp. For iTunes: open iTunes, press Ctrl+U on your keyboard, copy/paste into the Open Audio Stream dialog box, then click OK (you will now be able to listen to VoR live on iTunes any time by clicking on ‘Voice of Reason Broadcast Network’ in your music list).
If you cannot catch it as it airs on Tuesday, the interview will be archived in mp3 format for download on Tom’s page at the VoR site soon after the show ends (archived shows are listed on the right side of page):

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