January 7, 2009  


It was one of the most relevant and–considering the times in which we find ourselves today, profound lines ever uttered in a movie. The scenario is thus–In the film The Lost Boys, “Max” (played by actor Edward Herrman) has just been “outed” as the “capo di tutti capi”–meaning the head vampire leading a gaggle of them responsible for terrorizing a small California town.
A few of the more vigilante-oriented/vampire-conscious community members (the Frogg brothers) had suspected he was a bloodsucker and had set up a series of tests involving all the usual anti-vampire-related items–garlic, holy water, mirrors, etc–to find out if indeed he was one, all of which turned up negative results. When circumstances finally forced Max to “come out of the closet” as it were and admit he was indeed a vampire, the others said puzzlingly to him “…But you passed all the tests,“ to which Max responded with a mildly amused and chiding look on his face–

“Never invite a vampire into your house you silly boy…It renders you powerless…”

Whether it’s a case of life imitating art or vice versa, the fact of the matter nevertheless is that truer words have never been spoken. Never invite vampires into your house…Once you do, whatever countermeasures you could have employed against them are rendered useless as these creatures of the night bring chaos, destruction and evil to every corner of the castle, whether said castle is residential, social, political or otherwise.
And as much as we are tempted, the fact is we can’t blame the vampire. He is merely behaving according to the organic and unchangeable dictates of his nature. For him it is like a tree falling in the forest due to gravity or water turning to ice as a result of freezing temperatures. By his nature the vampire is a natural born killer who must feed on innocent blood. He is what he is. There is no moral persuasion or incentives you can use to rehabilitate him.
And if ever there were a time when the talk of vampires was more relevant, it certainly is today. The world as we know it–and more importantly the Middle East–is going through convulsions resulting from the rampage inflicted upon them by today’s version of the Lost Boys, meaning world-wide Jewry who are hell-bent on dragging the world back into the good ol’ days of genocide, theft, lying, usury and whatnot making up the history of them as a people the last 4,000 years.
(As an aside, readers should look up some of the photos of Bela Lugosi who played Dracula in the silent films of the last century and take a good look at the pendant he wore around his neck. BY PURE COINCIDENCE, WE CAN BE SURE– IT IS A SIX-POINTED STAR)
However, as much as we in the West may be tempted, the truth is we cannot run away from the fact that this disaster–both in the Middle East and at home–is of our own doing. Israel is a creature of our own making. We unlocked the cage and loosed this beast on a for-the-most-part unsuspecting world, and now that she is on the rampage, tearing everything up as she is programmed to do, we act all surprised and shocked, when we shouldn’t.
It is a terrible feeling when you realize you just got snookered, shanghaied, taken to the cleaners, whatever term you want to use, and all because you wanted to do the “right thing”. Oh, we wanted to save the poor little Jews from “persecution”. We wanted to shelter them from “anti-Semitism”, so let’s haul them all over to Palestine, give them guns and money to kill the people there just as their descendents did in the Old Testament. Let‘s give them control of our money, our political systems, our media and every other lever of power in our societies.
Then, when they do what they are programmed by virtue of their religious mindset to do, we act all surprised. We get all judgmental and tell Israel that what she is doing is wrong.
But at the end of the day, as much as we want to blame them, the fact is we must blame ourselves. We did this and we’ll pay the price for it because we invited the vampires into our homes. Like any society that allows repeat offenders of violent, anti-social crimes early release for “good behavior” who then goes out and does it again, in the end you have to blame society, not him. He should have been put out of society’s misery a long time ago instead of having him drain the system of resources that could have been put to more judicious and productive uses.
With regards to the carnage in the Middle East, there is no other way to look at it. Apart from the fact that every one of those bombs being dropped on a school, home or place of worship was made in the “Christian” west, it is also being financed by “Christian” money and being propagated in media outlets headquartered in “Christian” countries.
What did we expect the Jews, the Lost Boys of Israel, would do? Did we really expect that this people–who have NEVER lived in peace and harmony with ANYONE throughout their 4,000 year history going all the way back to the good ol’ days in Egypt, that they were going to suddenly drop this whole “Chosen people” mindset, abandon the program set down by their patriarchs to lie, cheat, steal, kill, maim and enslave those within arm’s reach and suddenly become, well, normal, productive members of the great human society?
I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way, my friends. If the last 4,000 years has taught us anything about this peculiar people, it’s that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Despite our best hopes and intentions for rehabilitation, there are simply some leopards that will not change their spots.
And remember, this is what they themselves tell us. They are not
like “other” people. They are a people “Set apart” a “light among nations” and “chosen” by God. Their very existence is intrinsically wrapped up in their being “different” and “better” than us.
Therefore, when they inflict this kind of carnage on innocent civilians, as they have literally done from time immemorial, doing so with glee and not an ounce of regret or remorse, we must ourselves recognize that none of this would be taking place were it not for our own collective foolishness in taking these people at face value and believing their well-honed/well-rehearsed shtick about wanting a “homeland”.
WE unlocked the cage on this beast and set it loose upon mankind with all its viciousness and inhumanity. Like stupid members of a community that votes for parole on a repeat, violent predator, we thought that the last 2,000 years had taught this creature a lesson, and once we signed on board with recreating this thing which God Himself saw fit to destroy, in effect “rejoining what God saw fit to separate”–meaning the Jewish state–we have brought doom upon ourselves.
Consider what they did to every reformer from among them who came forward and tried reasoning with them. All their entreaties to “love they neighbor as thyself” and to deal equitably with others. All the ‘thou shalts’ and ‘thou shalt nots’–Did they listen? Did they even act interested?
No, they–typical of Jewish behavior–looked at the bottom line the prophets and wise men proposed, did a cost/profit analysis and decided that it was a case of throwing good money after a bad investment Why save your soul when instead you can gain the whole world? Why live in peace with others when war is so profitable? And the result were always the same–men being stoned to death or, in the case of Jesus Christ, nailed to a tree.
And now we sit here, wailing and gnashing our teeth as we look upon the ruination we brought upon ourselves and others. We are bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan with no end in sight. Pakistan, Syria, and Iran are looming, meaning even more dead Americans and even more enemies than we can handle and the expansion of a war that already we can’t afford, and all because a small gang of Jews gnawed their way into the highest places of power in the US Government and elsewhere throughout the western world.
Well, again, why should we be surprised? If there is one overriding theme to the stories of the Old Testament that functions as the playbook these people live their lives by, it is “war, more war, and never-ending war”. Wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women, children, oxen, sheep, horses, you name it, and it was slaughtered as a sacrifice to Yahweh.
We are bankrupt. Jewish financiers have bled us dry through our markets and banks, cleaned everything out and now are hightailing it to some new promised land, most likely India, where there are a lot of hungry, desperate people willing to work for next to nothing.
We should have known better. The Egyptians must have felt the same way when, as the book of Genesis says, the Israelites “Borrowed all the gold and silver” of their Egyptian neighbors and friends and then hauled ass as fast as they could across the desert with Pharaoh in hot pursuit to reclaim all Egypt’s wealth they stole. Did we think the Jews would do any differently when we gave them control of our money a century or more ago, and particularly when they remember the “despoilment of Egypt” in such nostalgic themes celebrated during their annual religious festival of Passover?
We lament the fact that our societies have become moral sewers, where child sacrifice, pornography and prostitution run rampant as a result of us handing control over our media and entertainment industries to the Jews.
What more should we have expected from them? According to the stories handed down in the Old Testament they were vice lords FROM THE BEGINNING. Keep in mind that Abraham twice prostituted his wife Sarah to 2 different kings so that he would be “Well treated”. Dittoes with his son Isaac who gave Rebecca away to another man, telling him she was his “sister”. Abraham’s nephew Lott, when a group of sex-crazed homosexuals came calling from Sodom, hands his two virgin daughters over to them and says “abuse them as you see fit”. 
Later in that same book, Lott’s once-virgin daughters (before he gave them to the Sodomites) scheme with each other to get their father drunk so that he will sleep with them and they will get pregnant. Prior to the invasion of Jericho, Israelite spies stay at the house of a prostitute named Rahab who assists them in their skullduggery before the city is invaded and destroyed. Samson, one of the big heroes of the Old Testament, loved prostitutes. Same with King David and King Solomon and their HUNDREDS of concubines. When the Israelites invaded the towns and cities of the promised land, they searched out pregnant women and slashed open their bellies and ripped the children out of their wombs. Abortion anyone?
And then we can’t figure out why our societies are in the moral sewer when people who LIVE in all that Old Testament insanity get control of things.
The worst part is that we have had it sitting there in front of our faces for the last 2,000 years as a warning. All anyone needed to do was open their Bible and see for themselves what drives these people. The fact that they would react to a righteous, honest man such as Jesus Christ the way they did and vote to have a convicted murderer Barabbas released in His stead is proof positive that they want nothing to do with any kind of moral, rational program for life.
And if there is anything to glean from this latest carnage in Gaza, it is that the Jews–despite what they have been constantly saying now for the last century, are in no way afraid of “Anti-Semitism”. They are bathing in the blood of innocent people as we speak, partying like it’s 1999, and as the “civilized” world reacts with horror, the rest of us get the collective middle finger from them as they say “F***you gentiles, we are Jews and we can do whatever the f*** we want and you can’t say a f****** thing about it.”
And of course, as we suffer the vampire and his carnage, at the end of the day, we are forced to admit that it was by our own foolishness that this has taken place, because, just as the movie line went, you never invite a vampire into your house.
In the meantime, until they have finished their feast of destruction upon what would otherwise be a peaceful, orderly world, we must hope that some shred of civilization survives their Godless, unholy rampage and hope as well that if we are afforded the opportunity of locking this beast up again, that future generations will elect to throw away the key.
(c) 2009 Mark Glenn


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