Sen. George Mitchell, owes his Senate career completely to AIPAC, has a perfect Zionist voting record in the U.S. Senate and rammed through the Senate resolution supporting Zionist’s terrorism against the people of Gaza. He is supposed to be the “fair broker ” of a “just and honest” peace between the Zionist  and Palestinians. If the University of Michigan football program played Notre Dame, would they permit all the referees to be the leaders of the Notre Dame fan club? How can we let these Zionist extremists and those completely in the grasp of Zionist extremists control American foreign policy?
Obama’s Mideast Zionist Dream Team
George Mitchell is the new American envoy now in the Mideast. Who is Mitchell and who are the key players in Obama’s Mideast policy team?
First, let’s examine the major players on the Obama foreign policy team. Roger Cohen writing in The New York Times on January 11, 2009 wrote some things that if he were a Gentile would have earned him some attacks as an “anti-Semite.” He pointed out the incredible top-heavy pro-Zionist content of the team which is supposed to broker a fair and just peace in the Mideast. In discussing the team he identified them with these words:
They include Dennis Ross (the veteran Clinton administration Mideast ‘peace’ envoy who may now extend his brief to Iran)  [a long-time  Zionist]; James Steinberg ; Dan Kurtzer [Zionist] (the former U.S. ambassador to the Zionist regime of ‘Israel’); Dan Shapiro [Zionist] (a longtime aide to Obama); and Martin Indyk [Zionist] another former ambassador to Zionist regime who is close to the incoming secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.)
Now, I have nothing against smart, driven, liberal, Jewish (or half-Jewish) males; I’ve looked in the mirror. I know or have talked to all these guys, except Shapiro. They’re knowledgeable, broad-minded and determined. Still, on the diversity front they fall short. On the change-you-can-believe-in front, they also leave something to be desired.
Cohen did not even mention that the two closest advisers to Obama, the guys that filter almost everything that Obama sees and hears and makes the day to day decisions of running the oval office. They are David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel, two long time dedicated Zionist extremists. Emmanuel, son of an Irgun terrorist and named after another Irgun terrorist, even fought in the Zionist Army.
Now we come to the new envoy to the Mideast, George Mitchell of Maine, the man who is supposed to be a broadminded and just arbitrator between the Zionist and the Palestinians. The Zionist-influenced media outlets have made a big point of Mitchell’s Lebanese ancestry. What the Zionist media doesn’t tell you is that he has been completely under the control of AIPAC and radical Zionists for years.
As Senate Majority Leader he rammed through everything Zionist regime wanted. He even supported the Senate resolution that gave Zionist regime unconditional support during the Zionist massacre of thousands of Gaza civilians. In fact, originally an appointee to the Senate, Mitchell owes his entire Senate career to the massive support given him in 1982 and since by AIPAC and 27 other Zionist extremist controlled political action committees that AIPAC arranged.
AIPAC’s Tom Dine summarized AIPAC’s success in Mitchell’s election by saying that “American Jewish are thus able to form our own foreign policy agenda.”
Of course, Dine spoke the complete and unvarnished truth. American and Zionist extremist do indeed control the foreign policy of the United States. Such control has long gone on in concert with past U.S. Presidents and it goes on today with Obama. Only difference is that today there is a greater danger because many in America and around the world falsely believe that Obama represents change. With the incredible respect and adulation given to Obama, he is in a much better position to support the Zionist war agenda, and ultimately do far more harm than a discredited George Bush.
Hold on to your hats, America. I predict Obama will usher in war and conflagration that will make George Bush’s presidency seem mild in comparison. He has already announced a doubling of American troops in Afghanistan. Can a catastrophic war with Iran be far behind? Zionist extremists want this war and Obama is completely under their control!

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