There’s good news for everyone who’s afraid of nuclear war (and that means all of us).
 Last week, Russia and the USA signed an agreement to reduce their nuclear arsenals by a third.1 And next week, Obama is hosting leaders from 48 countries to talk about going even further in pursuit of a nuclear-free world.2
It’s the most concrete progress in decades to reduce the threat of nuclear war.
But public support is crucial if we’re going to make Obama’s first bold steps really stick. Pro-war members of Congress, weapons makers and dictators from across the globe will try and trip up this fragile process. So we’re teaming up with allies from Global Zero, Avaaz and MoveOn to show Obama and other leaders that the people are ready for a world without nuclear weapons.
Sign the petition now, and we’ll make sure it gets delivered to Obama and world leaders when they convene at the White House on April 12:
There are 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world. Each one has the power to end millions of lives. And unless we take action, we can never guarantee that they won’t be used against innocent people.3
But a nuclear-free future IS possible. The petition we’re signing is backed up by an action plan crafted by hundreds of former heads of state, foreign ministers, national security advisers and military commanders.4 It calls on the U.S. and Russia, who have 96% of the world’s nuclear weapons, to take the lead but not to let anyone off the hook. Every member of the international community has a role to play.
And the leaders at next week’s Nuclear Security Summit have the power to take immediate steps to make the world safer. But to do so, they need to know that they have the support of people like us.
Sign the petition now, and help us back up Obama’s call for a world free of the fear of nuclear destruction.
– Matt
Matt Holland
Online Director
TrueMajority / USAction
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