By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
For many months, our sources in Pakistan, including the country’s top military advisers, have been telling us that “top terrorist” Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, a man being hunted by the Delta Force, CIA and thousands of American troops, was advising American negotiations to end the war in Afghanistan. 
We had been told that he had been a “trusted source” for many years, including the years that the US listed him as a top bin Laden lieutenant.  If this was true, and we have since learned it is, then most of what we had all been told about the Bush “war on terror” had been total baloney.
Friends in Afghanistan have known Hikmatyar all his life.  Some don’t care for him much, although he was Prime Minister in 93 and 94.  During the war against the Soviet Union, Hikmatyar was the primary CIA contact in Afghanistan, channeling nearly $1 billion dollars in aid to fighters there assisting the CIA’s top asset, a Saudi named Usama bin Laden. 
I had wanted to meet with Hikmatyar but was warned it would be a violation of law, even for a journalist, and I would be arrested, as so many others have been, not just for talking to him, but for knowing people who know him or even communicating with his “associates.”  It was all called “material support of terrorism” and it was all a lie.
Secret prisons were filled with people we now know were actually working with CIA assets, people imprisoned, it seems, to keep their mouths shut.  Similarly, many of the domestic terrorism arrests made, most tied to illegal FISA wiretaps, all overturned in Federal court last week, were also tied, sometimes very remotely, to Hikmatyar, a man I have been told has been working for years to bring peace to Afghanistan, told personally by America’s top allies in the region.  I couldn’t report the truth or interview anyone or I would have ended up in under federal indictment like others I know who got too close to the facts.
Last month, Jeff Gates I attended private military briefings in Pakistan.  Along with briefings by various services, our staff from Pakistan and Afghanistan, including Maj. Mujtaba, Gen. Asif Haroon Raja, Dr. Tarik Jan, Fayyaz Shah and others were briefed by former Chairman, JCOS Pakistan Admiral Sirohey, former Army Chief of Staff Mirza Aslam Beg, Dr. S.M. Rahman, former PsyOps Chief, Lt. General Hamid Gul, former Director General ISI and most of the top military staff that coordinated our efforts to remove the Soviets from Afghanistan.   We then met with political party leaders and were briefed by the nations top think tanks.  A few things became more than a bit clear.
Not only did nothing we were told by both official and unofficial sources match up with what was being reported in the news, we were able to verify that America had been involved in a vast and complex campaign of disinformation and deception against the American public, one designed to, not only blame Pakistan and everyone else for the deteriorating situation in the region but that American policies showed clear indications of  America’s real purpose in Afghanistan being something very different than stated.

MARJEH, AFGHANISTAN, SURROUNDED BY OPIUM FIELDSNo group has ever met with people who have personally known all the leaders the Bush administration had designated as terrorist, including bin Laden. Without breaking personal confidences, one thing was clear.  It is a humiliation for Pakistan, a country that is fighting for its life in a war against terrorism that has killed thousands there, including family members of some I met, to have to pretend to hunt for bin Laden, who all of us admitted had died many years before. 
In meetings with people whose names, out of courtesy I omit, we all looked across the room from each other and rolled  our eyes back into our heads.  The general agreement is that the Easter Bunny would be easier to find that bin Laden and represents a greater threat to American security.

Bin Laden, himself, is an enigma.  Most of the statements credited him when he was alive were mistranslated.  According to those who are the world’s foremost experts on bin Laden and military operations in the region, bin Laden never had a major following nor was he ever in control of any worldwide terrorist organization. 
In fact, the other major terrorist leader, Mullah Omar, when described by close associates of the American effort in Afghanistan, is also described as never a terrorist leader of any kind.  Mullah Omar is spoken of, in general, with great affection and seen as a folk hero by millions.  Where Hikmatyar has enemies and a reputation for brutality while working for the CIA, Mullah Omar is greatly respected. 
 Nobody sees Omar, or most of the other leaders we list as major international terrorists as anything but minor players with little more than bodyguards and household staff.  Everyone “in the know” claims the US simply makes it all up just to fool the public.
Bin Laden’s history is a strange one.  His family has had direct ties to the Bush family for years, with close friendships and complex financial interrelationships.  On at least one occasion, George “W” Bush was bailed out of a business failure by bin Laden money.  The bin Laden’s were the portal that former Reagan administration cabinet officers used to get into business with Saudi Arabia, making billions in profits through takeovers of several major American arms companies. 
 Nearly 100 billion dollars, most from “Operation Desert Storm” countries is managed by Bush and his associates, investing in everything from arms, to slave labor operations in the Middle East to the ownership of Dunkin Donuts.
President George “W” Bush’s first priority after 9/11 was to get all bin Laden family members out of the United States and away from the FBI.  The next flight out, when every other plane was grounded, went to Israel.
What we do know about Usama bin Laden is that he denied any direct involvement in 9/11.  Any reports to the contrary have all been discredited and traced back to agencies fronting for Israeli intelligence services.  Another thing we know is that Usama bin Laden worked for the CIA for years. 
We are also told that he was moved from place to place on American planes and received medical care at US facilities for advanced kidney disease.  FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has confirmed that bin Laden and other terrorist leader were regular passengers on US government flights.  The FBI called these passengers, “bin Ladens” in official documents.  Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered Sibel Edmonds silenced for 6 years. 
Now the press has a “blackout” on her testimony, statements supported by documentation that prove many high officials of the Bush administration and members of congress to be involved in espionage against the United States.

CITY OF MARJEH, AFGHANISTAN. 80,000 PEOPLE?Though never charged with any crimes tied to 9/11, Usama bin Laden was the subject of the biggest manhunt in world history, a manhunt that culminated in his killing on December 15, 2001. 
Was Usama bin Laden killed to shut him up?  In his last video interview, while actually alive, bin Laden suggested that the US look elsewhere for those who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.  Bin Laden believed Israel was responsible.  Now Israel has been caught distributing phony bin Laden tapes, currently relegated to “audio only” that, after the fiasco of the “Crotch Bomber” last Christmas, only drives more and more people to broad suspicions of Israeli complicity in the planning and execution of the similar but larger scale attacks on 9/11.

When “terrorist” Abdulmohammed  was quickly loaded onto the plane for Detroit, no ticket, no passport, after being strip searched by Dutch based Israeli security officers, his small and almost harmless bomb must have been a surprise to everyone, everyone but the other passenger who video taped all of it and was taken away by Homeland Security in front of witnesses, taken away but never arrested or charged.
Israel and America have a long and complicated relationship in the Caucasus’.   America’s attempt to “surround” Russia by bringing the Ukraine and Georgia into NATO was part of a broader plan to destabilize the Caspian basin, a massive source of natural gas and oil and a center of a “pipeline war” between two groups. 
One group is led by Israel, Turkey and the US against the Russian company Gazprom, world’s largest supplier of natural gas.  By 2009, Gazprom has secured all the regions gas supplies, leaving the Israeli, Turkish and US consortium with empty pipelines and only one possible source of gas supplies, Iran.  Thus, the war rhetoric about Iran and nuclear weapons has been reaching crescendo proportions.  Without this gas revenue, Israel, Turkey and the US will be forced to survive on narcotics revenue alone.
Previous attacks inside Russia, tied to Chechen militants have killed hundreds, even thousands.  Russia had tied support and training of the terrorists to Israel and the United States.  Now the rush is on to convince Putin that Israel and the US were not involved in the recent terror attacks in Moscow. 
This has been made much more difficult because of the obvious Mossad “footprint” on the Detroit bombing attempt and increasing evidence of Israeli complicity in the Mumbai attacks and operations in Afghanistan.
The traditional analytical tools of the intelligence trade:  1.  timing  2.  who profits  3.  who has the capability  4.  who has the influence to “spin” the news and suppress an investigation
These standards, things the Russians know very well, are pointing directly at a conspiracy, especially considering the horrible diplomatic failures of Netanyahu’s Washington visit.  Some very “fast talking” is being done, you can be assured of this.  Russia has teeth, sharp and long.
Usama bin Laden always talked about justice for the Palestinian people.  For decades, Americans had been fed an unending diet of stories of Palestinian terrorist and a threatened Israel.  That “cover story ” is now coming apart.  With Israel one of the world’s richest nations and largest arms exporters, the regions primary super-power, even threatening Western Europe with nuclear attack, talking about “poor Israel” just doesn’t fly anymore.  Instead of coming to the US begging for aid, Israel now comes here to spit in our faces openly.  They still take our money, mind you, but they also remind us to “mind our own business” and let them deal with the ethnic cleansing of Palestine uninterrupted.
While the American press has, over the past 20 years, fallen under Israeli control, the myth of massive international terrorist organizations intent on destroying the United States has been endlessly repeated, not only by the press, but by political leaders benefiting from scare tactics and everyone out to make a quick buck on replacing the “cold war” with a new imaginary terror war. 
In fact, there is absolutely no reason for any Islamic group to care one way or another about anything the United States does anymore.  The brutal Shah is gone from Iran and our continued support of the oil states is not a serious issue, not serious enough to support terrorism against the US.  There is only one rationale for any attack on the US and that is our support of Israel.
Problem is, attacks don’t come when they are “right” for the would be terrorists, they come when they are convenient for Israel.
The traditional analytical tools of the intelligence trade:  1.  timing  2.  who profits  3.  who has the capability  4.  who has the influence to “spin” the news and suppress an investigation
Thus, when I had been told all that time that the great terrorist leader, one busy planning attacks against the United States, Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, has been working with us all along, and that other “major leaders” were never leaders at all and that bin Laden was never really the “bin Laden” we thought, it all comes apart. 
Combining that with the FBI revelations that the US has been flying, not only terrorists around but plane loads of opium and it all falls apart.  There are no terrorist leaders, there are no international terrorist organizations and those “all too timely” terror attacks we seem to have are no more real than the phony bin Laden tapes the Israelis send us.
If Gulbuddin was ours when we were supposedly out hunting him, was bin Laden also?  Mullah Omar?  The others?  In fact, we seemed to have gotten out of the Bush years, with not only no credible intelligence on anything but even our useless information has now proven unusable as it also was illegally obtained through wiretaps that violated criminal law.
Is it any surprise that dozens of people died today in attacks in Iraq, the country we supposedly pacified at a cost in lives and money that has yet to be tabulated?
When I am told it would be unthinkable for a government, ours, Israel or anyone to kill the 3000 dead from 9/11 I simply remind them that we killed 5000 Americans in Iraq based on a known scam.  If you can kill 5000, you will do anything.  Credibility is dead. 
Phony terrorists were arrested and locked up, tortured for years, some simply picked up off the streets, others bought from drug gangs, many others simply had names that we spelled wrong.  Protecting America from terror during the Bush years was handled with less reality than professional wrestling.
If the wiretapping was illegal and the torture illegal and the invasion of Iraq was illegal, how many laws would we violate, how many would we kill and for what reasons?  With no news anyone can trust and a government that simply makes things up, everything is conspiracy theory, especially anything the government or corporate news spews.

Generations of Americans have lived through seeing enemies “branded” like we were selling soap.  First America supported Hitler, financing him to the hilt, guiding him in his war on the Jews and pushing his suppression of communists.  Then he became an “evil doer” and had to die.  He had been the darling of the American right, veterans organizations and industrialists, for awhile at least.  Hitler is only one of the murderous dictators that America supported.  Some we stuck with to the end, others like Saddam or Noriega, we hunted down when they became “inconvenient” or threatened to open their mouths.
When the Taliban were the Mujaheddin, they were our friends.  Did they become enemies because bin Laden lived there or because they ended all opium production?  I think our Marjeh operation answers that one pretty well.   Photos of the region show a strange things.  Marjeh, as described, doesn’t seem to exist.  When our victory involves handing out cash, have we, perhaps, broadened the definition of that term a bit much.
Col. Ghulam Sakhi, an Afghan National Police commander here, says his informants have told him that at least 30 Taliban have come to one Marine outpost here to take money from the Marines as compensation for property damage or family members  killed during the operation in February.
“You shake hands with them, but you don’t know they are Taliban,” Colonel Sakhi said. “They have the same clothes, and the same style. And they are using the money against the Marines. They are buying I.E.D.’s and buying ammunition, everything.”
I think of the stress the press goes through suppressing the videos of dead children and destroyed schools in Gaza.  “Branding” Palestinians as terrorists and Israelis as victims is turning into an almost impossible task, nearly as impossible as keeping the lid on 9/11 or inventing Iran’s nuclear program. 
Only a few weeks ago, we were busy telling the world how Pakistan’s nuclear weapons were ready to be seized by terrorists.  What happened to that story?  Where do the “fairy tales” of the mainstream news go when they get so ridiculous that they become an embarrassment?
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