The pornographic mass slaughter perpetrated by Nazi/Zionist in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, 27 December, once again reveals the Nazi nature of the Zionist state. It also underscores the genocide nature and brutal ugliness of the Zionist mentality, a mentality based on and shaped by murder, bullying, coercion, aggression, brutality and criminality.
Furthermore, it shows that Zionist is capable, both mentally and physically, of carrying out a real Holocaust against the Palestinian people and other peoples of the Middle East. In fact, it is quite safe to say that there are no moral restrictions that would prevent Zionist from committing the unthinkable, namely a campaign of extermination against the Palestinian people.
Zionism is simply Nazism, pure and simple, and the Nazi army is in fact “the” Zionist Wehrmacht. Jews may not like the comparisons, but the Nazi reality of the Zionist regime of ‘Israel’ is as conspicuous as the sun in a bright day. Undoubtedly, this is the message that governments and leaders all over the Arab-Muslim Middle East ought to understand and internalize. It is brief and simple: If you are not powerful enough to deter the Nazis of our time, you will be attacked, enslaved and even annihilated.
For the Nazi state, the Palestinians are nothing more than “a test case” which would be applied later to Turks, Iranians and, of course, other Arab peoples in the region. In short, the writing is on the wall, and if Muslims and Arabs don’t possess sufficient physical power to deter the expansionistic whims of the Zio-Nazi, what is happening to the Palestinians in Gaza will happen to them, perhaps sooner than many people think. Far-fetched? Well, don’t be too sure. In 1948, Zionist leaders told the world that all they wanted was a small shelter that would protect Jews from another possible Holocaust. Today, the “small shelter” has grown into a wild Nazi-like power that is committing a virtual Holocaust against the unprotected the Palestinian people.
Well, the murderous onslaught against unprotected and thoroughly starved people in the besieged Gaza Strip is a cowardly act of immense proportions. What else can be said of F-16 fighter aircraft and Apache Helicopters being used to rain death and havoc unto unprotected and unfortified police headquarters?
Zionist often argues that refraining from killing innocent people represents Christian, not Jewish morality, as many Zionist leaders have said ad nauseam. Well, if so, then this should a clear Jewish vindication of all the crimes that the Nazis perpetrated against Jews and non-Jews several decades ago.
Besides, even in war there is proportionality, a principle that Zionism has ignored rather wantonly by killing dozens or hundreds of mostly innocent Palestinians and Lebanese as a reprisal for the death of a Zionist soldier or settler. Zionist says its enemy is Hamas, not the Palestinian people. This is a big lie that is meant to gain the sympathy of the Western World, given the success of Zionist hasbara, through the Zionist-controlled media in Europe and North America, in demonizing the Palestinian Islamic liberation movement.
Otherwise, why would Zio-Nazi blockade and starve and savage millions of Palestinians who have nothing to do with Hamas.? We are talking about ordinary people, people who struggle to make ends meet, people who toil from sunrise to sunset to put food on the table for their children. It is mostly these people who are being killed and maimed and starved by the Zio-Nazi entity.
The Black Saturday MASSACRE, which by no means will be the last, is a damning proof that Zionism can only survive by shedding blood. Without shedding blood, without threatening its neighbours, without killing their children and destroying their homes, without tormenting and savaging them, the Zionist regime wouldn’t be the Zio-nAZI state of ‘Israel’. It would be some entirely different. The Zio-Nazi regime is simply a cancer upon humanity. If you don’t eradicate it, it will eradicate you. This is the harsh fact the people of the Middle East must come to terms with, hopefully before it is too late.
Although the executive mass murderer, Zionist non the less shouldn’t be held solely responsible for the genocidal carnage in Gaza. Treacherous Arab regimes are also guilty of giving the ZioNazi regime the impression that it can murder Palestinians at will without having to worry about any negative ramifications from the Arab world.
It is really lamentable that powerful states such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia appear so timid and so powerless in the face of the Zio-Nazi state that they appear completely impotent. We all know that tens of billions of dollars’ worth of modern arms have been purchased to protect Arab interests. So, where are the Arab armies? Where are the Arab air forces? Where is the Arab dignity?
To be sure, the Palestinians have long given up on Arab regimes and don’t expect these regimes to protect them or fight on their behalf. For in the final analysis, a regime that has no good for its own people, can’t be expected to defend the Palestinians or fight for their just cause.
In fact, all that the Palestinians want from these regimes is to stop colluding and conspiring with Zionism against them. Is that asking for too much?
But the real message ought to be conveyed to the Arab masses, not the regimes that are conspicuously morally, politically and even humanly bankrupt. The Arab masses have a religious and moral duty to depose these hateful despots whose main job has been to torment and savage their peoples on behalf of the United States and Zionism.
Otherwise, the Arabs will continue to move from bad to worse as they have been ever since the downfall of the Ottoman state following the First World War.

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