Jewish Group Urges Israeli Model Bar Refaeli not to marry Leonardo DiCaprio and dilute the Jewish race
Is Zionism racist? Of course not. It’s just a gentle Jewish cultural and spiritual association of like-minded thinkers! And pigs (kosher of course) can fly. In most countries you will find clubs and societies which are allied with church or synagogue and which are only for those who are of a particular brand of religion or creed. There is nothing racist in this because racism comes from power, the power to determine others’ lives.
It is when a State is aligned to a particular religion and becomes a state of a particular religion, with the purpose of making that state as ‘pure’ as possible in respect of other religions, it is not a religious but a racial state. In that sense there is no difference in principle between the State of the Aryans in Nazi Germany and the State of the Jews in Israel. There may be differences in degree, method, power etc. but the underlying philosophy is the same.
What you may ask about an Islamic state? Well there are a few of them and they are not States of Islamic privilege. In Iran you don’t gain any particular rights or privileges because you are Islamic. Jews are not discriminated against by the state in Iran because they are Jewish. Islam, in short, becomes a means of legitimising repression against other Iranians who are deemed Islamic. Likewise in Saudi Arabia, which officially bars non-Muslims from the country, the ruling Saud family, uses the Wahhabite offshoot from Islam to repress other Muslims.
Britain is formally Christian but the only privilege that this carries is that of the right of succession to the present Royal incumbent. Only Protestants of the Church of England can become King or Queen. Not a deprivation that blights too many lives although there is widespread consensus that this is anachronistic, although some of us would say the monarchy itself is what is anachronistic! But you don’t get higher welfare benefits or gain access to state lands or jobs etc. because you are Christian here. On the contrary there are laws against that type of thing.
So it’s no surprise that we find that nearly 50% of Israel’s Jewish secondary schools don’t believe in equal rights for Israeli Arabs. These students are, of course, educated in a strictly segregated system of education, though like in northern Ireland that is more a symptom than a cause.
No wonder that Professor Daniel Bar Tal of Tel Aviv University can state the bleeding obvious, namely that ‘”Jewish youth have not internalized basic democratic values.’ And why? Maybe it has something to do with a Jewish state? The need for Judaification of areas of the country where Arabs predominate or are in large minority, such as Jerusalem or the Galilee or Negev? Maybe it is also something to do with having a party of the far-right Avigdor Liebermann in power, whose followers chant regularly ‘death to the Arabs’ or whose leader expresses the desire to drown thousands of Palestinian ‘terrorists’ in the Dead Sea?
Note that whereas 49.5% of youth are opposed to granting equal rights to Arabs, among the growing religious and orthodox sector this shoots up to over 80%. Proving how correct I am to have focussed on Israeli’s neo-Nazi rabbis.
Indeed it seems that over half are opposed to equal rights because 56% are opposed to Arabs being able to run for office. Of course this won’t happen, at least not yet, because the ability of Arabs to formally take part in the political process is a major component of the propaganda that declares Israel to be a democratic state. Indeed Israel is what should be known as a democratic police state for Arabs.
The article beneath that is about an openly racist Zionist group that has petitioned Bar Refaeli not to marry her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio ‘because it would dilute the Jewish race’. Now the only reason I include this article from Ha’aretz is because what they are calling for is actually part of mainstream Zionist discourse. It was Netanyahu who said at the 2003 Herzliya Conference who termed Israeli Arabs a ‘demographic problem’. As Haaretz of 17.12.03. reported:

‘the finance minister blamed Israeli Arabs for tilting Israel’s demographic balance, and said if the percentage of Arab citizens rises above its current level of about 20 percent, Israel will not be able to remain both Jewish and democratic. “If there is a demographic problem, and there is, it is with the Israeli Arabs who will remain Israeli citizens,” Netanyahu said…’

Indeed opposition to ‘assimilation’ or marrying-out was converted from a religious injunction into a racial prerequisite when Zionism sought to create a state that was Jewish. Just as the Nazis transformed anti-semitism from a religious to racial persecution, so too in Israel. Indeed in the latest controversy over conversion to being Jewish in Israel, it is Liebermann’s Yisrael Beteinu is in the forefront of calling for mass conversions and a liberalisation of the existing order (because one-third million Russians in Israel are not Jewish).

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