Gaza: Help evacuate Iyad and his family out

Gaza: Iyad’s Story – Fundraiser

Hi, I am Iyad from Gaza. I have evacuated from my home in the north of Gaza along with my wife and 3 children. After evacuating 3 different areas, I now live in a crowded school in Rafah with my wife and 3 children, my mother and father, my 5 sisters and 1 brother and all of their children. Since our evacuation, our home has been destroyed and we have lost everything we own.

While walking from our home in the North towards the South, I was shot twice by an Israeli sniper, once in the chest and once in the arm. My life was saved by a media car which happened to be traveling down the same road and stopped and took me to the hospital. Thank God, the bullet in my chest was not life threatening but I have not been able to feel anything in my hand or move it for more than a month since I was shot.

The doctor told me that movement/feeling would return to my hand after some time but I have not felt any improvement. I am hopeful that if I can leave Gaza, I can receive medical care to return movement and feeling to my hand. The worst thing you can take away from a man is his ability to provide for his family and I don’t know how I can provide for my family with only one arm working.

The situation in Rafah is extremely difficult. Basic necessities are rare and unaffordable. The money I have is quickly running out and I will be left without a way to feed my children. The Israeli army will invade Rafah soon and this will result in a large death toll of civilians. I hope you will consider donating to save my family.

I will use the money to leave Gaza to Egypt. This costs $5000 for every person. So for me and my wife and 3 children it will cost $25,000. I will use the rest of the money to sustain my family in Egypt and to get some medical care for my arm.

I will be forever grateful for your help.

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