April 17, 2008

Hamas guerillas deliver a smart and succesful blow to an “elite” unit of the Herrenvolk Army of Israel


Three Israel Defense Forces soldiers from the elite Givati Brigade were killed on Wednesday in an exchange of heavy gunfire with Palestinian militants next to the Gaza Strip security fence….Three other soldiers were wounded in the clashes, two of them moderately…. (Haaretz, April 17th, 2008)

Who says the media doesn’t publish the good news?
The guerillas did it by the book!

The soldiers were killed after troops spotted two Hamas militants planting a bomb near the Israeli border. Troops pursued the militants, only to fall into an ambush by another Hamas force lying in wait…

The Herrenvolk army is embarrassed: the natives are supposed to be the stupid ones. The soldiers too are confused. They’re used to shooting fish in a barrel, or children from a watchtower.

The Herrenvolk Army must therefore avenge its honor. It is one thing to bomb Sderot with fire crackers. Who cares about Sderot? Certainly not the Israeli elite. But to kill soldiers–“elite” soldiers–that is the most horrible offense.

So here is a question for the Chief Rabbi of Israel. Are 20 dead Palestinians, including five children and a cameraman, enough vengeance for three dead soldiers? I want an official fatwa.
Yet, with all the sadness that such a bloody day brings, never forget that a success for the resistance is a success for humanity, and the defeat of an “elite” Herrenvolk unit is always also a cause for celebration.

P.S. What’s in an elitist? Hillary Clinton says Barack Obama is an “elitist.” Haaretz says the three dead occupation soldiers come from an “elite” unit. Coincidence, feverish imagination, or the deep ideology of public discourse at work?Look at the soldiers of Giv’ati: Don’t they all just look like Barack Obama? No, I guess not. Nevertheless, that word, “elite” is never innocent. There can be no “elite” universities churning out affable servants of power without “elite” military units enforcing that power against the brutes.

There can be no Harvard without Giv’ati.

That is why Obama will continue to support Israel just as much as Clinton and McCain.
By the way, Harvard is not the only “elite” institution that welcomes minorites. Giv’ati does too. Among the three soldiers killed in the Ambush is Bedouin collaborator Sergeant Menhash al-Banyat “from a Bedouin village in the Negev.” (because Haaretz can’t even be bothered with identifying the exact village. Who knows, it may even be embarrassingly one of those unrecognized villages that other “elite” units are busy cleansing.)

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