Here’s an encouraging report from the Camden New Journal about how Zionists tried and failed to break up a meeting on Palestine in the Houses of Parliament just recently:
I met spritely 86-year-old Dr Hajo Meyer, a survivor of the Nazi death-camps, at the House of Commons.
At a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, Dr Meyer spoke about the Nazis and pleaded for an end to the war against Palestinians. Israel, he said, was “dehumanising the Palestinians as the Nazis tried to dehumanise me”.
But when a dozen protesters tried breaking up the meeting, shouting pro-Zionist slogans and hurling abuse at Dr Meyer, they met their match. The plucky professor – barely over 5ft – refused to back down. “I grew up under Hitler and lived through Auschwitz. I’m not scared of people like you,” he told the burly protestors.
Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn, who helped organise the meeting, had to call the police and it took several officers to cart the men away. Minutes later we heard the voice of another hero. Speaking by telephone from Gaza, Dr Haider Eid reported how Zio-Nazi’s blockade of the enclave has cut power and plunged its 1.3m people into darkness.
Because of the embargo families are in tents, orphans on the streets, food and medicines have dwindled, he said. But he wanted pay tribute to the tens of thousands of Jews trapped by the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto.
The meeting was chaired by Hampstead resident Selma James, 79 year-old widow of the black writer CLR James.
The meeting was organised by the International Jewish Anti-zionist Network and is part of its tour titled, Never again – for anyone.

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