Canada Bans British MP For Opposing Gaza & Afghan Wars

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Zionists and Neocons come up with something yet more incredible. To bar a sitting Member of Parliament from the Commonwealth country of Canada is mind-boggling. Galloway has dared to try to bring a convoy of 100 vehicles with food and water and medical supplies into the people of Gaza. He has dared to advocate keeping British soldiers alive by removing them from a war based entirely on lies and corruption. Who runs Canada? It doesn’t appear to be the Canadian people:
A British MP told CBC News on Sunday that it was inappropriate of border officials to ban him from entering Canada based on security grounds and he hopes the immigration minister will intervene.
“This is a misuse of the war on terror. This is a misuse of security concerns in service of what is clearly a political act to try to gag me,” said George Galloway, in an interview from London, England. “But I don’t think it’ll succeed.”
A former British Labour Party member now with the Respect party, Galloway was scheduled to speak March 30 at a Toronto conference called Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar, hosted by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War. He was also planning to speak at three other locations, including at a public forum the following day in nearby Mississauga.
Galloway said a British newspaper first reported he was being denied entry into Canada because of his views on Afghanistan, but by the time he got a letter last week from the Canadian High Commission in London, “it had morphed into some kind of complaint about the aid convoy that I had led of 110 British vehicles and 350 British citizens, carrying everything from medicines to nappies to wheelchairs on board ambulances into the besieged Gaza Strip a week or two ago.”

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